Demand grows for ‘violent’ and ‘drug addict’ Siddharth Shukla’s eviction after he assaults Arhaan Khan, Salman Khan’s credibility comes under scanner


Siddharth Shukla was accused of crossing limits in Bigg Boss after he violently attacked another contestant, Arhaan Khan, and tore his shirt. Had contestants not intervened, injuries sustained by Arhaan could have been even worse. This has prompted Twitterati to demand Siddharth Shukla’s ouster from the show. Such was the anger that even the daughter of the former boss of Colors TV could not resist expressing her disgust against Siddharth Shukla. Rashami Desai, who threw tea on Siddharth, called him a ‘drug addict.’

Siddharth Shukla

Atiya Nayak, daughter of former Colors TV boss Raj Nayak, tweeted, “I can’t understand how & why Siddharth Shukla (who has been violent so many times) is still in the house. He should have been chucked out a long time ago. Frustrating to watch someone so arrogant & aggressive being treated like a king. Another level of bias this season.”

Angry Twitterati trended hashtag #BBkaDamaadSid to drive home a point that the makers of the show were biased and were treating Siddharth almost like their son-in-law. Host Salman Khan also came under criticism with many calling him a spineless host.


  1. Comment:I don’t know why all fight with Sukla I like what he played n I don’t know why Rasmeh alzy fight with Sukla ….plez Rasmeh ,Arehan,Vishal,Ashim….plz play Ur own game …..n Rasmeh stay away from Sukla……if u don’t like him then why u interfear….ha… Ur own game ..

  2. Totally fake, sponsored and biased propaganda against Siddharth Shukla. Siddharth Shukla is the only real person, righteous and principled, he only reacts to hatred and scheming against him, he never initiates any argument unlike others whose game plan is solely to piss off and provoke Sid endlessly.
    It is Asim, Rashmi, Vishal and Arhaan, who should be thrown out, as their provocations have no limits, any other normal person would have broken the bones of Asim, Arhaan and Vishal till now, as of RushMe Desai, aisi ladki ko kaun jhel sakta hai, she is nuts and has no purpose in life except going after Siddharth Shukla. She threw tea on Sid, and abused his family, she could have also called him a servant, if she had felt so bad on Sid’s joke.
    The makers have set no limits to provoke, no limits on how many people can corner 1 person and provoke him simultaneously. Only real streetfighters, rioters and hooligans should participate this show from next year.

  3. I unserstand the portal is run by a Muslim but I can see a clear bias…. U should write Muslim reporter instead of janta.. While there is nothing wrong with it, a little transparency can help in informing ppl

  4. A middle finger salute to all the assholes who can’t handle Sidharth. These jackasses are bloody weak, become feminists & piss in their pants. There are 2 hyenas in #BiggBoss13. One is mad dog Asim living off Sidharth &, the other Ramlal living 9ff FlushMeDesai.
    Janta Ka Reporter ?My foot.

  5. Rashmi Desai is aware that she is a creeper ..needs either Shukla or Arhan to lean on .. therefore she is ok to forgive Arhan .. if she has any self respect she would have stayed away from Shukla ..but kya karei she does not have the magic to stay in focus. Shukla did the right thing by getting agressive on Rashmi ans Arhan .. and Asim .. they reserve such behaviour!!

  6. Rashmi Desai and Asim are constantly targeting sukhla without any reason
    In every case you will find fight was started boz of Rashmi or asim

  7. Hallo you vile people who are you to judge Shukla?.. You are not God Almighty, you are a fallen human being like all humans on this earth. Shukla went rehab and cleaned himself. Jealous of handsome Shukla. He has matured and bloody leave this man alone you ugly people. To say Shukla loves stupid disgusting desai is the biggest lie in the history of mankind. He is not attractive to this vile female. If any of you by any chance supports this nasty woman then the future of India is I jeopardy.

  8. Arti and Siddharth ye dono hi real hi Bigg Boss k ghr me aur sab fake hi. Rashmi is totally fake and Target only Shukla And playing woman card.Siddharth ne kabhi bhi peeche se kisi ko bhi bura nhi kaha hi But Ye Rashmi ki language apni asliyat khud hi Bata rhi hi wo kaisi hi.Kya Man ki koi izzat nhi hoti . Totally drama kr rhi hi Rashmi

  9. Rashmi is displaying her character in a bad light. On the other hand Sid is clever and quietly provokes her without using bad language and he is able to bring out the worst in RushMe. RushMe Desai’s real personality & character should not go unheeded by the makers of BB and also the different production houses. She’s going to spell trouble assisted and supported by Arhaan. Asim’s leadership should be withdrawn immediately. His first instructions and order on the first day of leadership was , ” koi ladhai nahi karega.” And he himself is the source of ladhai. He knows nothing..except….haan tho, hoon tho, haan tho , hoon tho. And he is gullible. Rashmi is escorting and not assistant but she is leading Asim. He does whatever she tells him to do. He echoes RushMe’s words.

  10. Above people don’t know sukhla spealing , but they opposes sukhla’s aggression and also their fans. I must say that it was sukhla’s reaction on chamcha asim of rashmi…..

  11. I agree shukla 8s provoked now n den by asim asim toh has lost his control on himself
    Provocation leads to reaction n action by Siddarth he is a normal human being
    Rashmi has gone off her mind her needle has got stuck on aisee silly woman she wants to hear something nasty abt herself idiot
    Hats off to Salman he gave back good to rashmi..she really does not know how to judge n play…she has has shown her very ugly self
    Endurance naam ke cheeze koi hai hee nahi
    I remeber Shilpa shinde how well she fought sarcastically with vikas it was fantastic..words chosen is filth n street side does not have any class even if ur a TV star u r zero fir us image completely shattered

  12. rashmi to drama hai. total drama. isne kuchh diya to nhi hai bigboss show ko. contribution. 4.5 logo ne kya bola ki kaha hai rashmi to is tarah gande pange leke koi fayda nhi. is drame ko bahar hi nikalo to thik hai

  13. Sid is very real, understanding n plays alone.. unlike Asim, Rashmi, Arhaan, Vishal n all others except Arti another good player. We love Sid ..his genuinely a gentleman unlike Rashmi, Arhaan n Asim who spill gutter, jealous n provoke Sid always .. eliminate Rashmi, Arhaan n Asim…slum people…

  14. Salman looks like a spineless host, who could not reprimand Siddharth Shukla for his aggressive behaviour. It seems he has some understanding with colors channel, that’s why he has been misbehaving & physical manhandling every body & going scot-free.

  15. Siddharth has to win the BIG BOSS SEASON 13 as he is the only player who played solo and with patience. Because the inmates have time and again targetted him for no genuine reason and that too just for footage to remain in the show. Siddharth has been playing a true game right from the beginning. Asim, for the fame and support that he got from siddharth who treated him as an younger brother took undue advantage of this and finally has ganged up against him. Mostly all the inmates have abused siddharth with names like 40 years old man, drug addict, psychic, aggressive person, gatar ka admi, gandi naali ka keeda etc. Rashmi has abused him the most and when siddharth tells her some she brings the whole house down.

  16. I love Shukla playing his game, he knows what he speaks and accepts what he does whether its wrongly done not like Asim n Desai creating words in another direction which leads to such a big MESS.

  17. Rashmi is really a spoiled brat. She spoils everything where ever she goes. The same thing she did on nach bali. She looks for sympathy an alwaya wana be playing the innocent poor victim. Really nw. Grow up. Sid is also wrong for his actions. Rashmi has no right to expose sid like that imagine someone did that to her an bringing out about her why her marriage ended. Stop judging an going after stupid gossip. Get solid proof an another thing dont ever do things nationally on tv as one wil always be remembered for those things. Before talking abt others, look at ones own door step before u go sweeping by your neighbors. No wonder some people will never have respect for the next person religion, muslim, hindu, Christian,.. We all belong to one nation have respect others no matter what religion one is . please thank you

  18. This article is shit…full of shit…u portrayed sid completely wrong…we as a common man love sid and we supporr him wholeheartedly…love u SIDHARTH SHUKLA ❣️❣️❣️


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