Contestant from Uttarakhand leaves KBC host in a fix, forces Amitabh Bachchan to act like ‘marriage counselor’ on quiz show


Shivani Dhingra from Rishikesh this week won Rs 3.20 lakh prize money on Kaun Banega Crorepati show hosted by Bollywood megastar host Amitabh Bachchan. But the quiz show became a talking point, less because of the money won by Shivani and more because of her ability to leave Bachchan in a fix. The question that would have earned Shivani, a mother of a little girl, Rs 6.40 lakh read, “Besides Nathuram Godse, who else was hanged at Ambala jail for having assassinated Gandhiji?” Left with no lifeline, the contestant from Uttarakhand failed to answer the question correctly.

Amitabh Bachchan

The correct answer was Narayan Apte as Bachchan explained that two including Nathuram Godse were hanged, six others had received life sentences for being complicit in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi

Shivani, however, added plenty of sparks to the quiz show with her list of ‘demands’ that she wanted fulfilled and needed Amitabh Bachchan’s help.


Shivani presented a list of her demands that she had written on a piece of paper to Bachchan. Mother of a 4-year-old daughter, Shivani told Bachchan that she had been married for nine years but longed for her husband’s attention. She said, “My husband doesn’t give me as much attention as other husbands do to their wives. I have a long list of complaints (about my husband). Now I think only Amitabh ji can solve my complaints,” she said.

Bachchan replied, “Devi ji, how did you arrive at the conclusion that only I can solve your problems?” The contestant said that she had seen him solve other contestants’ problems adding that no one would dare defy him.

Before Bachchan started the show, the contestant handed him a paper containing her list of demands. To which the Bollywood megastar said, “I thought I had got a job as an anchor on this show, but it appears as if I am expected to act as a marriage counselor.” His comments left members of the audience in splits.

Bachchan asked her husband to ensure that he spent enough time with his wife to avoid trouble in future. The contestant’s husband denied his wife’s allegations stating that this was the first time he was being informed about these ‘complaints.’

Bachchan also revealed that some vegetables put him off since he found their names repulsive. “Just imagine kaddu khaoge (Will you eat pumpkin)?” The Bollywood megastar said that he only ate vegetables to make his wife Jaya Bachchan happy.

Shivani left the show after winning Rs 3,20,000 prize money.


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