Comedian Kunal Kamra asks if he should make Arnab Goswami’s number public, tells PM Modi to rein in his ‘dogs’


Comedian Kunal Kamra has alleged that his phone number had been leaked prompting his detractors to call him relentlessly. The comedian, who recently ambushed controversial TV anchor Arnab Goswami during an IndiGo flight to Lucknow, also threatened to make phone numbers of BJP leaders public. In a series of tweets, Kunal asked if he should also put Goswami’s phone number in public domain.

Arnab Goswami

He wrote, “Assholes have leaked my number & have been calling relentlessly to argue – If arnab deserves your discourse & debate while you invade his privacy… we can do the same to you… yes you can. But every number who doesn’t know me & calls me I’ll put it in public…”

His subsequent tweet read, “Also I’ve arnab’s number & I’m sure people who agree with me on the subject would like to debate with him on call about their differences so that should be public, right? I’ve many number of BJP leaders who I’ve tried to get to my show and have politely declined, I’ll make those numbers public so that people who want to debate with them or hold them accountable can just call them directly, Do we agree to the rules of this game?”

Kunal said that he could not care about taking the ‘moral high ground’ adding that one had to ‘get into the filth to wrestle with a pig.’ He wrote, “I have 0 fucks to give for liberal viladation or what woke culture thinks about what I did… I am not interested in taking the higher moral ground… Agar suvar se laadna hai toh keechad main utarna hai… Aajoo… ladte hai.”

He concluded by asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rein in his ‘dogs’ because his fear had ‘completely ended.’ He wrote, “Modiji apne kutto pe patta daloo…life has just begun for me because fear has completely ended…”

Earlier, Kunal had sent a legal notice to IndiGo airlines seeking a public apology from the carrier for its decision to ban him for six months after he ambushed Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami, who was travelling in the same flight. Kunal’s lawyer, Advocate Prashant Sivarajan, Partner at Lawmen & White, has also demanded a compensation of Rs 25 lakh for causing mental pain to the comedian and to recover financial losses incurred on account of cancellation of his scheduled shows.

The video of Kunal ambushing Goswami mid-air had gone viral on social media platforms. Since Goswami is known to be a mouthpiece of the BJP-led government, Union Minister Puri, who heads the civil aviation ministry, had moved with lightening speed to direct airlines to take action against Kunal. Aside from IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir and Air India too had imposed a similar ban on the comedian.


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