Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Shukla crosses limits as he calls birth of Asim Riaz and his elder brother Umar their father’s mistake, leaves Twitterati fuming


Siddharth Shukla on Tuesday night crossed all limits by not only dragging Asim Riaz’s father once again during his fight but also called the birth of Asim and his elder brother Umar his father’s mistake. His loose talk has left Twitterati fuming with many asking Colors TV why Siddharth was being favoured so much.

Siddharth Shukla

Tuesday night’s episode was marred by repeated fights between Asim and Siddharth, who also received constant support from Mahira Sharma, Arti Singh, Paras Chhabra and Shefali Jariwala. Not surprisingly, none of them intervened to admonish Siddharth for casting this slur on the birth of Asim and his older brother.

This was after Asim addressed him as a brother. To which, Siddharth asked Asim to not address him as his elder brother because, according to him, his elder brother was the one who was his father’s first mistake.

Siddharth said, “Oye, listen. Your father’s first mistake is your elder brother and then you (his second mistake). So stay away from me.” Rashami pulled Asim away him, but Mahira was heard laughing out loud at the insult meted out to Asim’s father by Siddharth.

To add insult to injury, she taunted Asim, “Asim Riaz Chaudhary on one side, while four people on the other side. He must be getting a lot of sympathy (from viewers).” Joining her in insulting Asim further were Shefali and Paras.

The episode evoked angry reactions from Twitterati. Leading the charge was former Bigg Boss winner Gauhar Khan. She tweeted, “Bohat sahi bola mahira , chaar log ek taraf aur asim Riaz ek taraf !”

Other users were more precise with their condemnation for Siddharth’s behaviour.

Siddharth had earlier physically assaulted Mahira and Asim. On both occasions, Bigg Boss has punished him by nominating him for two weeks. On Tuesday too, Siddharth dared Bigg Boss to evict him because he was determined to assault Asim once again.


  1. But why Sid was choked ,Vishal was up from horse which shouldn’t be. Sid was right , when Asim denied but Asim also saw Vishal got up . He told Rashmi don’t worry, watching from Canada each and every story.

  2. Please remove mahira from the house she is not matured enough to understand what people telling just keep on fighting with Rashmi is not hwr own stand people talking about her decision about her own game. If paras says ssiddarth correct than for her also correct if paras says Asim wrong for her also Asim wrong this is not the understand make her someone to understand tthe truth just fighting with Rashmi for unwanted thing.

  3. Pls evict physco shukla at once…he is a gunda..dirty bill.can’t even do anywork..always just hogging.
    How is he allowed to say things about somebody’s father

  4. Ok Sidderath Sukhla was wrong in what he said but that irritating Asim does not stop poking him. He did it for 2 days continuously and he really pushed his bottom and that exactly what he wanted so he could loose his temper and get thrown out of the show because it’s getting near to who is going to win and Asim is so desperate to win. I think Bigg Boss should have stopped him from doing that. I still wants Sidderath to win.

  5. Remove Sid and also he should apologies to Ashim and his father. Now on weekend ka vaar if Salam shout on Ashim then he should stop hosting the show.
    Arti should be questioned why she was quite during the fight
    Shefali should be told to keep quite as she favor Sidharath
    Mahira is just a puppet so tell her talk to Paras only as if she is nothing without her
    Paras is a scared of Sid hence doesnt speak for the right…

    Ashim is the Hero…

  6. Shukla fans ab bhi uss ka sath dein gay hmesha shukla asim kay parents ko beech mein lata hai asim ko provoke shukla aur usske ex gf ker rahien thi ?????

  7. I have a question! Just tell us, you want everyone to respect Sidharth Shukla because he is a senior artist ‘tell us one thing why don’t you ask the same for Rashmi desai? When mahira disrespect her every time you people enjoy. Why don’t you ask Paras chabra to respect women when he said bad things about Sh8fali’s zariwala, about arti’ s undergarments, about himanshi ‘s figure? Why did you not raise these points in weekend ka war? Who stopped sidharth in saanp seeerhi task from violence? It was Asim! Who always stop him to cross his limits? It’s Shehnaz gill.
    He interfared in paras and asim fight and shouted on asim. He came to asim in the task and said ” tu Bahar mil” he again abused his father. He called sana ” tu apnay Maa baap ki sagi nahi hay” he just want to control people he cannot accept his defeat. You people do what you want to do. We know asim will be succeed wherever he go because he is right. Shame on you colors tv and So called being human Salman khan.

  8. Sukhla to pagla Gaya pura.usko na haar baardast hoti .na uske against koi na jaaye.. aarti ki koi dignity nai .jb aasim kuch bole sukhla to ladti hai .par sukhla abuse karta to tb uske muh se awaz nai nikalti.big boss me kuch jyada hi priority de diya sukla ko.

  9. Please evict shukla and mahira they should not bring someone father in the personal fight and why big boss is in favour of shukla what is the point of the show why big boss didnt talk to asim i think big boss has decided the winner who is shukla…. Salman khan shout on asim all d time if its all planned what is the point to continue this show make that shukla winner as in one episode he said usse haar pasand ni hai if janta will decide the winner it will never be shukla and shukla won’t be digest his haar he might do something bad to his life big boss is in trouble.. Big boss u better talk to asim else the show will be 0 cos no one like that shukla behavior
    Mahira voice ko stand

  10. Most horrible episodes when Shukla crossed limit. But as always BB or The Salman Khan will not punish him. Shukla is whole trouble maker, Gund in the snow supported by BB and Khan,that is why he is not worried. He can say any thing to anyone. There are 4 puppets in the show. Please take him out of show and bring some respect to the show not only TRP concern. It shows Indian culture for people watching in other countries.
    Salman must thro Shukla out of show.

  11. Sukhla samjhta hai, wo Jo bhi kehta aur karta hai, thik hai, kyouki bigg boss usko ek bigde hue baap ki Tarah bachav karte hai. Bigg boss jab wo bahar niklega tab bhi aisa hi karoge, Roz iske pitne ki khabar aayengi, agar ye haryane mein hota. Uski kismat acchi hai ki wo Mumbai mein hai , aur bigg boss jaise baap ki chaaya mein.

  12. Everyone should hate Rogue Asim because of his rough attitude rough speaking tone’. Every times he tries to show himself as Dada He is the puppet of Ganda ladki Rasmi Desai. . Asim Rasmi and Vishal are in a group they all ganda

  13. Rasmi and Asim have always tried to rift the friendship between Siddharth and Shahnaaz. I think those who support them are also the same character of Rasmi and Asim


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