Assamese singer, who demanded his votes back from BJP, has FIR filed against him for allegedly ridiculing Bharat Ratna


A BJP member has field an FIR against famous Assamese singer, Zubeen Garg, for allegedly making fun of India’s highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna. The FIR was lodged against Zubeen Garg by Satya Ranjan Borah of BJP Yuva Morcha after an audio clip of Garg allegedly using derogatory term for the Bharat Ratna award went viral on social media platforms.Assamese singer

The FIR against Garg was filed just days after he took to social media to slam the state’s ruling BJP and demanded his votes back from the saffron party. In his Facebook page, Garg had asked Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal to return votes that the saffron party obtained by using his song in the last elections.

Addressing the state chief minister, Garg had written, “Dear Sarbananda Sonowal Da, wrote a letter to you few days back. Guess you are too busy counting the black flags to respond.” His reference to black flags was in relation to the state-wide protests over the passing of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

Garg had also demanded the return all those votes that the BJP had secured by using his song during the election campaign in 2016. He wrote, “So, can I get the votes back that you earned using my voice in 2016?” He said that he was ‘ready to refund the remuneration’ paid against the campaign song.

The Centre’s Narendra Modi government last week conferred Bharat Ratna to popular Assamese singer Bhupen Hazarika posthumously. This was widely seen as an attempt to calm down the growing protests over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which seeks to make Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians, who left Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to escape religious persecution, eligible for Indian citizenship.



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