Comical scenes as Arnab Goswami’s reporter enters studio on motorbike, exit polls broadcast called Punjabi Bagh Wedding


Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami on Sunday faced another round of ridicule on social media after he was seen in a discussion with at least 15 guests in a single frame. Republic TV billed their programme as Double Exit Polls, presumably one by its English TV channel and another by its sister Republic Bharat.

Arnab Goswami

In the viral photo (see above), Arnab Goswami was seen in conversation with at least 15 guests who all sat in single file. Seeing 15 guests in a single frame left social media users in splits as they began to poke fun at Goswami. While some said that Republic TV studio should be declared a district, others likened the scene to a Punjabi Bagh wedding in Delhi. There were some who wondered if Goswami will travel to a stadium to record his next debate.

In another video, Goswami was seen in conversation with his colleagues as he bragged, “We know how to flash number and we know how to analyse data. We know how to go in details. Ours is the only polling agency, which sent reporters to each constituency of this country.

In one video, one of the pannelists for the exit poll special show was seen arriving in the studio on a Royal Enfield motorbike.

Last week, Goswami had slammed his rival TV channels particularly India Today for ‘leaking’ their exit poll data that gave the NDA only 177 seats, a loss of 177 seats compared to 2014, they claimed. Faced with widespread condemnation, India Today had later clarified that numbers flashed on its channel were part of the channel’s dummy data.


  1. It seems that one of the primary objectives of Janta Ka Reporer is only to ridicule and defame Arnab Goswami and his channels; and nothing else.

  2. It is heartening to see that you follow the Republic channels so assiduously. You may have also noted that Republic has the support of the masses while the masses do NOT even know the name of your publication. Republic is No 1 for the last 100 weeks, what is your rank?? It is sad that in your hatred of the Republic you are only abusing the Republic with no substance. It is laughable that your only takeaway from this excellent Republic Election show was that someone came to Republic on a motorbike!!! This is your real tragedy: you have neither form nor substance. Your jealousy is so apparent that it is tragicomic. “Janta Ka Reporter” is neither of the ‘Janta’ nor is a ‘reporter’, it is just a poor wannabe. Face it, you are just not in Republic’s league.

    • ? Chrome browser shows that the connection is not secured on this website.. ?
      These chindi Congressi people even can’t afford secure connection.

  3. Janta ka reporter is what chootiya name having no relevance with its work & field.I think it is creation of chootiya minds like kapil sibbal or Diggy or fixer Parshant Bhushan.

  4. At least Janta guys are not the Dalla nor on the payroll of any political party. It seems that Mr. Parmar is obsessed with Republic. You need to introspect. Mere numbers doesn’t make a channel successful. The real test of third pillar of democracy lies in its Credibility. I myself watch Republic and Zee when I miss humour on regular entertainment channels.

  5. Well it is established fact that this channel is paid parrot of Congress, and it will do all to devalue past mistakes of Congress, and will do all to forcefully multiply errors of present Govt. Well, one needs to appreciate fact Republic were innovative, idea of exit poll need not be serious discussion, but to have fun with numbers. But what to tell you, you editor in chief claims to have cracked SSB, but did not had balls to serve nation, as idea of engaging his Paki brothers was not in his frame of mind


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