Arnab Goswami to be arrested, Republic TV’s bank accounts to be seized? Mumbai Police Commissioner drops bombshell on TRP scam


Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh on Thursday said that his force had busted a scam to manipulate TRPs by some TV channels including Republic TV. There are indications that Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami could be arrested since the Mumbai Police have already arrested the owners of two Marathi channels in connection with the scam. Singh said that bank accounts of the three TV channels including that of Republic TV are to be probed and seized if the allegations of fraud are established.

Singh told reporters on Thursday, “As I said, owners of two channels, Fakt Marathi and Box Cinema, have been arrested. Now our investigation shows that there are chances of people working at Republic TV, the channel’s directors and promoters involved (in the TRP racket). The future investigation is being carried out against Republic TV employees, directors and its directors.”

Singh’s press conference indicated that Goswami as one of the promoters of Republic TV and Republic Bharat too could face arrest. Republic Bharat had recently claimed the top spot in the TRP race by dislodging Aaj Tak, which has historically been the market leader in the Hindi TV news genre.

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“As you are aware, TV advertisements run in thousands of crores of rupees,” the Mumbai top cop said adding that income from advertisements by manipulating TRPs will be deemed as ‘proceeds from crime.’

“All those advertisers, from whom this money was obtained through TRP manipulation, will be summoned for grilling. They will be grilled to conclude if they were complicit or victims of this fraud. The TRP system has been manipulated… We have identified three TV channels with Republic TV being the biggest name amongst them,” Singh said.

The Mumbai top cop said that his force will also probe the bank accounts of all three TV channels including that of Republic TV, adding that their bank accounts could be seized. Singh said that TV channels manipulated households by paying them money to boost their TRPs. Each household received to the tune of Rs 400-500 every month. The Police have already conducted interviews with people involved in the scam.

A report by India Today said that ACP Shashank of Crime Branch’s CIU was leading the investigation and DCP and JCP are supervising the investigation.

Goswami has issued a statement, threatening to file a defamation case against Mumbai Police commissioner. His statement read, “Mumbai Police Commissioner‘s targeting only strengthens the resolve of everyone at Republic TV to push for the truth even harder.”

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Mumbai Police Commissioner Singh said that he had filed a case on criminal breach of trust and will share the findings with the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry. 

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17:42 PM: There are 2,000 meters installed in Mumbai. Households, where these meters are installed is confidential info. The scam focusses on how these households were paid to watch certain channels & keep them switched on even when no one was watching: Mumbai Police

17:41 PM: If you see the data, poor uneducated households, who dont speak English were watching only English TV channels: Mumbai Police Commissioner

17:39 PM: Congress MP Karti P Chidambaram tweets, “An issue our Parliamentary Committee must examine.


    • Hahaha look here,, this bhakt says only TV channel can do investigation, it’s like the same government who keep saying this phrase
      “Jhoot bolo jab tak sach lagne lage”
      Put the TRP famemonger arnab in jail who is a rapist on journalism..

    • Not only Mumbai police commissioner but also it’s politicians. They are the real culprit. They are trying to silence every voice against them.

    • Comment:What pursued you to make an ugly comment on a person not going in detail of the scam. It is good to be a supporter but it is bad to be a blind supporter. You are so crazy that you do like to support the sun rises on the west. If you so love to support committed sins done by your party and the said channel darkness will engulf India. If you love your country, you should let law take its own course.

  1. Why don’t you arrest the celebrities who endorsed the product and services, as the performance / result they claim in the advertisement are not anywhere the truth.
    Is this not a crime?

  2. Shame on Mumbai police commissioner his team and shivsena. They proved they are supporting wrong. But we netizens are with republic tv. We support republic tv and boycott all fake news channel

  3. One day I decided to see a debate show of republic TV. I tried my best,to hear the speech of the participants,even of my best efforts nothing can be heard distinctly,as if there was a competition of surpassing each other and ultimately After’ the debate nothing is understood, except Arnab Goswami’s shouting.When I heard that republic TV announced top TRP channel,I thought probably I am wrong and not so educated that could hear the debate and understand it.Through out any program only one voice could be heard i.e of Arnab Goswami’s.Now after this disclosure I think I was not wrong.

  4. WTF. How manipulating TRP ratings becomes a criminal issue? How Mumbai police commissioner can take suo moto cognizance without receiving a complaint from advertisers? Even if it is breach of trust, it becomes a civil case. I think Mumbai police commissioner needs to educate himself about the law of the land.

  5. I think Janta ka reporter will be bankrupt if that happens. Arnab is their biggest bread earner. Perhaps they can now pursue autobiography of Rhea, Deepika and similar goddesses who have dedicated their lives for poor people. Their selflessness and big heart can only be brought into limelight by such brilliant channels.

  6. Does he think all the authorities are incompetent. Let them work. Let the law decide and then he can start his barking exercise, if that is necessary. This is just a selfish human (sic) trying to influence the innocent and the likes for personal gains. Justice must prevail even to an animal.

  7. Arnab is right…BPC and Government
    Should clearly understood that Republic
    Will not leave them and will expose totally.

  8. What is arnab. A BJP footlocker, who makes people believe entire opposition is wrong and his bjp masters are all gods. Have u ever seen one prime show which has praised any opposition parties in his stint with republic and R bharat. He use to do so before in other channels. Its simple, BJP wants their people at the helm in every department and every institution. And they got arnab from media industry, soon anpat kangana will become the face of film industry for bjp . Shame on everybody who watches.and believes it.


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