Arnab Goswami faces merciless trolling for middle class abandoning his ‘Gods’


Arnab Goswami of Republic TV has often come under attack for his perceived biases in favour of the Hindutva brigade since he launched his channel in partnership with BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar last year. His channel has had to the face ire of the news consuming public for promoting the pro-BJP agenda unabashedly.

Arnab Goswami

On Tuesday, as the trends began to emerge from five states that recently went to assembly polls, social media users once again sharpened their knives against the controversial TV anchor. They took to Twitter to highlight how the news of BJP’s defeats in three key states, first under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had left Goswami utterly dejected.

Journalist Shiv Sunny wrote, “Every few minutes, I go back to Republic TV & Times Now. Just to watch the faces of Arnab & Navika.” Navika Kumar is a former colleague of Goswami and now currently works in Times Now as a senior editor. Like Goswami, she too has often faced criticism for biases in favour of the BJP.

Former diplomat KC Singh tweeted, “Just tuned to @republic and found, believe it or not, Arnab passively listening to a psephologist that Middle Class has abandoned his Gods.” Activist and Congress supporter Sadhavi Khosla wrote, “Arnab’s sombre face not to be missed.”

Blogger Jas Oberoi wrote, “Can somebody please live tweet Arnab, Navika & Rahul Shiv Shankar’s face emotions today?” Rahul Shivshankar had succeeded Goswami as Times Now’s editor-in-chief after the latter was asked to leave the channel in 2016. Shivshankar has always faced social media roasting for his ‘exclusives’ highlighting how Prime Minister Narendra Modi was facing threats to his life.

Brajesh Kalappa of the Congress called him the ‘lapdog’ of BJP President Amit Shah and wrote, “Can you imagine me watching Republic TV to see #Results2018?! I just did. I wanted to see how Modi Ji’s intestinal worm and Amit Shah’s lapdog- Arnab was doing. He’s doing what he does best- Congress bashing. But his face betrays his emotions. He is crestfallen!!”

Many feel that Goswami and his ilk in the Indian media may shift their focus away from the BJP fearing a change in government at the Centre. Tuesday’s results have indicated that it may be incredibly difficult for Modi to secure a second term in the next general elections.



  1. People like Arab has spilled neutrality of journalism. Press trust of India should take strong action if they have to restore journalism as the 4 th pillar of Indian constitution

  2. Like Arnab and arrogance which goes together BJP is a victim of Arrogance inspite of its VHP/ RSS grass root level reach.Pull up the socks and tie up the boot strings for a massive kick to Congresseess unless the country is prepared to take orders from Pakis on border policies.

  3. As we know
    There are to brigade
    And sorry to say ur on wrong side
    Presenting truth is not a crime even if its hidden under the table
    We known everyone knows Congress have really $$$$
    As Lord Krishna said ______________


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