TV debate on India TV turns chaotic after Gaurav Bhatia calls Rahul Gandhi ‘chaprasi,’ Ragini Nayak of Congress says ‘tera baap hoga chaprasi’


Days after Sambit Patra called members of the Nehru-Gandhi family Thugs of Hindostan, another BJP spokesperson, Gaurav Bhatia, has sensationally addressed Congress President Rahul Gandhu as a ‘peon.’ He used the derogatory term for Gandhi during an election special show on India TV in Jaipur.

Gaurav Bhatia

His chaprasi (peon) remarks did not go down well with the Congress spokesperson, Ragini Nayak, who lost her cool and addressed Bhatia’s father as a peon. An angry Nayak left the debate while repeatedly calling Bhatia’s father as chaprasi.

She was heard saying, “tera baap hoga chaprasi. (Your father must be a peon). Go and ask your father. Calling Rahul Gandhi a peon. I am not taking part in this debate.”

The debate show soon turned chaotic as their respective supporters descended to podium while shouting slogans in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi respectively. While the BJP supporters shouted ‘Modi, Modi,’ Congress supporters chanted ‘Chaukidar Chor hai (the security guard is thief).’

The acrimony spilled out of the TV debate as both Bhatia and Nayak took to Twitter attack each other. Bhatia alleged that Nayak had called his deceased father a ‘thief.’

Nayak denied his allegations and dared Bhatia to produce the evidence of she calling his father a ‘thief.’

The latest embarrassing episode comes just days after another TV debate on assembly elections had turned into chaos after Patra made objectionable remarks about former prime ministers of India from the Congress party by calling them Thugs of Hindostan.

In response, the Congress spokesperson, Rajiv Tyagi, had called Prime Minister Narendra a ‘thief’ for the alleged scam of Rs 30,000 crore in the Rafale deal. Both leaders were taking part in a debate on Aaj Tak channel.




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