After dandruff jibe, Arjun Kapoor now ‘hits back’ at Katrina Kaif with canoe oar


A day after Katrina Kapoor came up with an epic response to target Arjun Kapoor, the Ki & Ka actor has found an even more innovative way to make the score level.

Katrina Kapoor

The online banter between the two had started after reacting to one Katrina’s videos, Arjun had written, ““U got dandruff Katrina.” Just to put everything in context, Arjun is a member of ‘We Hate Katrina Kaif Fan Club’ that was started by Varun Dhawan in jest.

Powder and earth ?

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When Katrina posted her next photo, a sizzling one, where she was wearing cropped black skirt and a matching bra with her arms behind her head, an impressed Arjun had complimented, “And now ur ALL CLEAR!!! Good job Katrina…”

Light , shadow and soul ? #tarunvishwa

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But this time Katrina didn’t remain quiet to Arjun’s ‘trolling.’ She wrote, “Even Varun Dhawan can show u some poses in my absence.” She then followed it up with another comment, “I know you want to try these poses…I’ll come back and show u, I promise.”

Now Arjun has posted a photo, where the actor is seen standing on a jetty on the bank of an unknown lake and holding a canoe oar. His cheeky caption read, “Teri Oar Teri Oar Teri Oar hai Rabba !!! It’s the 2.0 version just for u @katrinakaif (an early birthday present from me) !!!”

Teri oar is a hit track from Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar starrer Singh Is Kiing, released in 2008. Katrina will be celebrating her birthday on 16 July later this month. It remains to be seen how Katrina responds to Arjun’s cheeky comments.



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