’85-year-old’ Archana Puran Singh called ‘Sidhu Eater’ by Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show as Saif Ali Khan’s brother-in-law appears to promote Lootcase


Comedian Kapil Sharma of The Kapil Sharma called Archana Puran Singh a ‘Sidhu- eater’ on the weekend show of The Kapil Sharma Show. He welcomed Saif Ali Khan’s brother-in-law, Kunal Khemu, on his show.  This was after Kapil took a jibe at his friend Dinesh, who’s also a musician on the show. He said that if Google was to generate a password looking at his friend’s face, it would be Dinesh420. He then shifted his attention to Archana and said that Google has generated a password for her and it was ‘Archana The Sidhu Eater.’

Archana Puran Singh

Kapil did not stop here. He even called Archana a daaku during his conversation with a caller from Dehradun. Kapil said that he too knew two people from Dehradun one being his director and the other being Archana, who too looked like a daaku.

The caller said that he had heard plenty of stories about Archana Puran Singh since the time she went to the local gym. Archana corrected the caller saying that there was no gym in Dehradun when she was growing up. Kapil took a jibe saying that Archana did not need a gym since she often lifted her husband Parmeet Sethi to build her muscles. Kapil told the caller’s children that they must learn about their father’s real motive to visit the gym when he was young, adding that it was primarily due to rumours that Archana Puran Singh also used the same gym.

Archana was also stunned when a caller read a couplet expressing his love for her. Archana warned him of consequences since Archana’s husband was sitting in the car outside. The caller had said that he had waited for Archana for a long time and now that he had seen her his feelings were not in control.

On Saturday, Kapil had targeted Archana all through the show by accusing her of role playing at home where she acted as a British oppressor and her husband was forced to act like an oppressed Indian. This, Kapil added, was a ploy by Archana to get her husband to do the household chores.

Kapil also said that Archana was very upset about this year’s Independence Day celebrations being held online since laddoos were also being sent online and she was unable to collect them in person. The famous comedian said that Archana would get two laddoos on Independence Day in her school, but she would squeeze them to convert it into one big laddoo. She would then approach her teachers and say she only received one laddoo and should be given one more, added Kapil.

On Sunday, Kapil was joined by the star cast of Lootcase including Kunal Khemu, Ranvir Shorey and Rasika Duggal. Kapil asked Kunal, Saif Ali Khan’s brother-in-law, if he knew a spot where Archana can get a lot of money without working hard for it.

Kapil also joked that Archana was 85-year-old but the caller came to her defence saying that the veteran actress was born in 1985.



  1. Saif ali khan’s brother-in-law has a name and is a well known actor. The article title itself has many flaws. Please correct them.

  2. Ewww sorry but this is not journalism. You sound like u hv a personal problem with either kapil or kunal. You are a journalist you can’t be biased. Chill out

  3. Why You say article saif brother in law,
    Kunal is also know actor ,In this era this type of article titles are dissapointing .
    Please stop it

  4. What is saif ali khan’s brother in law? Everyone knows kunal khemu well enough. Be bothered to introduce him by his own identity next time.


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