Subramanian Swamy agrees Nirmala Sitharaman was made Finance Minister to target honest officers after IT Commissioner probing ‘NDTV’ made to retire


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday agreed that Nirmala Sitharaman was made the new finance minister primarily to target honest officers adding that the Enforcement Directorate will be her ‘next target.’

Subramanian Swamy

This was after Swamy reacted angrily over the compulsory retirement of one Income Tax commissioner, SK Srivastava, by the Centre’s Narendra Modi government. Swamy said that he will be taking up Srivastava’s case since ‘there is no new substantive case against him.’

He wrote on Twitter, “I am taking up the case of S K Srivastava I-T Commissioner who was investigating NDTV, since there is no new substantive case against him and Mdm Sitharaman has relied on PC time filed bogus cases, to terminate his services possibly to favour NDTV.First I will write to PM.”

His tweet questioning Sitharaman’s decision went viral in no time. At the time of writing this report, it was shared by nearly 5,000 users and had received more than 17,000 likes. Reacting to his tweet, one user asked, “Looks like the reason Mdm NS was made FM was to continue a legacy of targeting honest officers.” Pat came Swamy’s reply, ” Yes next target will be ED.”

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that the finance ministry led by Sitharaman had ordered the retirement of 12 senior government officers, including a chief commissioner, principal commissioners and commissioner of the Income Tax Department, under Rule 56 of the General Financial Rules (GFRs).

Perhaps Swamy was alerted about the news on Monday itself, when he tweeted, “Finance Ministry has suddenly compulsorily retired some officers. I expect that officers who were prosecuting NDTV frauds are not among them because that would cause a set back to the anti corruption work of the BJP.”

Meanwhile, S. Gurumurthy, who was included in the RBI board of directors by the Modi government earlier, too wrote, “If reports I hear are true that Sanjay Shrivastava a totally honest, courageous IT commissioner who exposed the NDTV fraud & fought PC Chidambaram for 15 yrs, bore all persecution, is being compulsory retired, it means Lutyens, PC & NDTV lobbies are still at work in this govt.”

The development of the last two days has put Swamy on a collision course with his own government. Speaking to BBC Hindi recently, Swamy had said that one of the reasons why he was not made the finance minister was because the government feared that he will not spare any wrongdoers even from his own party.


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