Yes you heard it right, Arnab Goswami ‘blames’ Manmohan Singh for Uri attacks


On Monday Sepoy K Vikas Janardhan, became the 18th solider to fall victim to the terror attack in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir.

Two other critically injured soldiers have also been airlifted to the military hospital in Delhi.

17 soldiers were killed in the attack on Sunday, while about 23 others injured.

The terror attack in Uri has left Indians shocked and enraged with many demanding firm action against Pakistan. Others on social media have been quick to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighting the perceived hypocrisy in his hawkish approach against the neighbouring country that he adopted during the Lok Sabha elections of 2014.

Arnab Goswami
MUMBAI, INDIA ? APRIL 03: Arnab Goswami, Indian Journalist, Editor in Chief and News anchor of the news channel Times Now at his office in Mumbai.(Photo by Bhaskar Paul/India Today Group/Getty Images)

But the questions seeking to expose Modi’s stand, adopted to win elections, largely remained confined to social media users as none in the mainstream media could muster the courage to put the Centre’s BJP-led government in the dock on what was the worst terror attack for over a decade.

‘Patriots’ amongst us desperately looked at the ‘nationalist’ news channel Times Now to represent general public’s anger on its high-profile debate show Newshour, presented by the nation’s conscience-keeper, Arnab Goswami.

Goswami remained true to himself and did host a special debate show despite it being a Sunday. His guests included the usual suspects, Lt Gen (Retd) Jaiswal, Times Now’s resident expert Maroof Raza, former army general and now the RSS’ posterboy, Maj General GD Bakshi and former India diplomat G Parthasarathy.

The dominating theme of the debate was that India must attack Pakistan without caring much about the nuclear reactions from the neighbouring country!

Another highlight of the debate was a unanimous praise for Narendra Modi government for using the ‘strongest’ condemnation of the terror strike yet.

In Raza’s words, ‘I don’t think that there’s been such clarity of intent (by the central government.)’

But, the killer blow came from Goswami, who blamed the former prime minister, Manmohan Singh, for Uri attack. Yes, you heard it right. According to the nation’s most patriotic journalist, the Uri attack was a fallout of the ‘biggest blunder’ by the former prime minister.

This is what India’s ‘second most popular hero’ after Modi had to say.

“My personal greatest frustration has been with the long-rope theory. And I don’t know why the people, when you say stop engaging with Pakistan, say ‘you are a hawk.’ But Parthasarathy will remember that the greatest mistake Manmohan Singh made was that he went and met Nawaz Sharif for one hour in a New York hotel on 29 September 2013, just days after the twin attacks in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua and Samba.”

Fantastic observation indeed! Many would argue why the Times Now’s editor-in-chief, who had recently received social media roasting for his ‘fixed’ interview with Modi, stopped at Singh. He ought to have blamed all non-BJP prime ministers going as far back as Nehru era for the alarming increase in terror attacks under Modi government. I mean blame everyone except Modi for the present mess.

Goswami also appeared to have forgotten that Pakistan-backed militants had mounted an audacious attack on India’s Air Force base in Pathankot earlier this year. This was barely a week after Modi had chosen to stop over in Lahore to enjoy the birthday bash organised by his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif.

For Goswami, this too may have been a diplomatic masterstroke. Of course, Goswami did not find fault in Modi’s foreign policy when he invited the Pakistani delegation consisting of ISI officers to visit the Pathankot air base.


Instead of reminding Modi and BJP President, Amit Shah, for their tall claims made against Pakistan during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Goswami made several desperate attempts to exonerate the current prime minister on the Uri attacks on Sunday.

If one ever needed an example of an utterly biased piece of journalism by Goswami on his ‘nation’s favourite channel’, they need not look beyond Sunday’s Newshour debate on the Uri attacks.

You can watch the ‘historic’ Times Now debate below (Goswami’s gem appears 18 minutes onwards)




  1. I have never got this “Janta ka Reporter”so much proactive during the era of Manmohan singh. I think u have been actively participating for since 2014. U r right Kashmir problem has been given as a gift to our nation by the first Prime Minister of India,u know better that who was.Thae strongest actions being taken by present govt. In which there is a part in which modi govt has canceled the Russian joint military exercises and also canceled the deal of providing weapons.Why not u have ever raised the conflicting situation of Banglore which is being created in Non-BJP ruling state.

  2. अपने को जो भला कहाये
    ताकि भलाई निकट न आए
    अपने को जाने ऊंचा
    ता गण जनिए सभ से नीचा।
    The wicked among us always blame others for failures and unable to see their faults. The hierarchy of Brahmins is the greatest ‘Evil’ which India is suffering from. India lost its glory because of infighting and repressing the working class in a dictatorial manner. There time is over now, democracy in its true essence and global brotherhood is the way to peace and development.
    The idiots like Arnab are mentally sick and neurotic. He represents fascist mentality. He is a pig really.

  3. India’s 10 Points Action Plan to Punish Pakistan:

    1. Stop shouting on TV.
    2. Launch a slow and sustained campaign to inflict pain and costs.
    3. Break diplomatic relations. It can’t be business as usual. Tell the world that India has a right to retaliate against Pakistan’s ongoing undeclared war.
    4. Declare moral and diplomatic support to Baluchi and Sindhi nationalists.
    5. Withdraw from Indus Water Treaty, 1960 and slowly but increasingly curtail the flow of water to Pakistan after every terror attack.
    6. Launch a cyber war on its govt sites.
    7. Impose full economic sanctions. Stop all trade, even if it hurts our own exporters. Stop Indian companies who export to Pakistan through Dubai.
    8. Tell global companies, including the Chinese ones, if you trade with Pakistan, you cannot trade with India.
    9. Tell Bollywood and BCCI not to entertain any Pakistani actors, singers and cricketers.
    10. And finally, tell pro-Pakistani Indians – a. not to insult our martyrs; b, not to gloat on Modi’s failure; and c, stand united behind India.

    If you agree share this message with everyone that you know

  4. I do partially agree with your views however, would side with Arnab Goswami mostly. Remember, I’m no great fan of Arnab but, I listen occasionally because of subjects he brings up.

    Reasons behind, why I support you partially

    1. Being the head of the defence department Modi cannot just shake away his responsibility. He has to come out with steps so Uri like incidence is never repeated on Indian soil. Else the tag on a prime minister holding the post as defence head should be abolished for the good of the nation.
    2. Whole north western sector from Gujarat to Kashmir is highly sensitive and prone to terrorist attacks. How can security lapse take place? Even the far East boundaring Bangladesh, Myanmar, China is equally threatening though Uri or Pathankot like attacks haven’t taken place till date.
    3. Why, a soldier should wear medals like Ashok chakra or Paramveer chakra posthumously!

    However, the major factors liable to such attacks lies with Government that ruled for most of the period, The Congress

    Why, let me explain
    1. First and the foremost factor is vote bank politics. Congress Government never ever tried to go against Muslim community even if they were wrong because, their power wrested on the votes of minority which votes in a community and not individually. One action against them means votes gone. Terrorists get inside support and people those provide shelter go scot free even with heinous crime against nation, because they carry more powerful instrument with them.. vote.
    2. When top leaders from Congress go to Pakistan and begs for help to dethrone BJP Government who were elected by Indian people, showcases the meanest quality of a party. Can any true Indian tolerate from heart? Such party can go down to any limit to wrest power. They were never concern about India but, own selfish power.
    3. When India attacked Pakistan in 1971 Congress should have brought back the land lost to Pakistan and China. We are given to believe that whole of Kashmir is ours but, a correct map depicts a different picture. Could we not got back the lost land then? What prevented!?
    4. Why our own Hindu citizens are living the life of a refugee in our own country!?
    5. Manmohan Singh is a non entity and perhaps the worst prime minister ever from our country with no guts. He only followed the dictations of Congress supremo. Don’t know why Arnab Goswami brought him into the picture! I didn’t watch the programme.
    6. For every failure in every sector, Modi is blamed. I wish, media as well as people had the guts to condemn all prime ministers the same way during their tenure.
    7. Most channels and pseudo rationalists harshly criticise the Hindus when they are wrong but, never see them condemn the Muslims in equal terms when Muslims are guilty

    • Mr. Das you wont get reply from this Anti-National person. Hit and Run guys. Make utterly fake statements and run. Janta ka report my foot.

      To so called author of this blog:
      1) 17 soldiers were killed in the att… —> NOT KILLED instead use Martyr. Hope you know the meaning of this else ask your Pseudo ……….& …….

      2) …. has left Indians shocked…. –> Are you not Indian?? If not go to your favorite hell.

      and so


      and on.

      You BARK. Until 2024 you dont have chance. Later we will see.

    • Perfectly said sir . TOTALLY AGREE !!! The article is written by a congi frustrated stooge and you can know it after reading first few lines. Ignore these frustrated congi paid journalists. They cant give answer to Arnav’s questions so have boycotted his channel. They are only answerable to their Italian Queen. See for yourself…when the whole world boycotted Pakistan, the defence minister of Italy was meeting Gen Sharif !! Does this ring a bell ?

  5. Now here as also religion, we have to get away from religion politics, how can you say that you are more patriot than a person of of other religion. This all game of political parties please distance your self from this

  6. ” worst terror attack for over a decade” is wrongly mentioned there. This is the list of worse attack than this one in last decade: 1) 2006 varanasi bombing- 21 killed, 2) 2006 mumbai train bombing – 209 killed, 500 injured, 3) 2006 malegaon bombing – 37 killed 125 injured 4) 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings – 68 killed, 5) 25 August 2007 Hyderabad bombings – 42 killed, 6) 2008 jaipur bombings 63 killed, 200 injured, 7) 2008 Ahmadabad Blasts – 29 killed, 110 injured, 8) 13 September 2008 Delhi bombings – 33 killed, 130 injured, 9) 2008 Assam bombings -77 killed 300 injured, 10) 2008 Mumbai Attacks – 171 killed , 239 injured, 11) 2011 mumbai bombing – 26 killed, 130 injured, 12) 2013 Naxal attack in Darbha valley – 28 killed, 32 injured. So just see till 2013 Pakistani terrorists were fee to do anything in India and government was a total failure. After 2013 things became a little better and after 3 year Uri attack is the only attack which took lives more then 20 but terrorists had to fight the army and got killed too. In other incidents many time the accused didn’t even be cought.

  7. Arnab is not at all a neutral journalist. He doesn’t have national interest. He blames the former PM for no reason . After 3 years as he intentionally destablish the congress govt. Because of Arnab people of India suffer by voting to a non performing govt under Mr.Modi, by his false promises, Voters got cheated.Even now Arnab blindly misguide the viewrs

  8. Height of hypocrisy and modiaisam.Wat cud b expected more frm tihadi sudhir and modia person arnab…Wow,dis is our mainstream national media.shame on u guys!
    Are ise news channel ko modi jee ki pr agency bana lo.

  9. Not agreed to your biased observations. We have been having kana dhobis since Ramayana times a.nothing strange. Good job done by arnab Goswami. My best wishes to him.

  10. May be Arnab is paid…. no doubt…
    Before his news was positive and he was honest…… but nowadays his news are more supportive to BJP….one sided… fans of Arnab have become less now…

  11. अबे आपिये अपनी औकात मैं रह तेरे साइट को आज तक जितने लोगो ने visit नहीं किया होंगा उतने लोग न्यूज़ ऑवर रोज देखते हैं।

  12. It’s time people stop watching this yet another soap opera from TV channel written, directed, acted and publicized by the “So called patriot” Arnob Go Sami.

  13. Dear Arnab has long become a megalomaniac. Watching him interrupt the participants within 10 seconds after they have started and the way he berates them only to show his superiority is nauseating.


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