Oscars among choices and controversies


Last year’s academy was called racist and blamed for focusing on whites. So this tear they compensated. Best supporting actor went to Black Muslim (a first!), supporting actress went to black actress. Best film went to Moonlight.

Best foreign film went to Iran, one of the countries banned by Trump.

Image courtesy: entertainment.inquirer.net


The big surprise was Denzel Washington lost out in best actor. The disappointment on his face was so palpable.

The big gaffe! Warren Beatty was mistakenly given the wrong envelope. Instead of best film he was announcing he was handed best actress envelope. Which had La La Land and Emma stone name on it. So he and Faye announced that La La Land won it!

That apart, the event’s political stance as it gave a tokenist representation to black community in Trump’s country is appreciable.Though, Trump’s office laughed and commented on the embarrassing mistake of the ceremony in the history of Oscars, but it did feel the power of subversive art that cuts across the boundaries and feared that the tokenism of representation might lead to a movement of subversion.

There were light jokes and comments throughout the event about trump and his government. His immigration policies were targeted throughout.

The jokes, talks, and comments gave a carnivalesque façade to the platform that was focused on political overthrow of the eastablishment and its policies. The subversive stance not only heightened the aura but also added to the glamour of the show. There was something very challenging and special about the whole evening.

Overall the choices were good. But Isabelle Huppert should have won best actress. Her role in Elle as a rape victim who goes onto develop sadomasochist relationship with her rapist is psychologically so complex. Emma Stone’s La La land is just a nostalgic romantic musical.



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