A mother writes an open letter to PM, says she was forced to leave India because of Modi


Mr. Prime Minister,

I’m sure you are majaa ma. I’m writing to you thinking that probably if at all you are left with an iota of sharam you would step down as prime minster and let someone more dignified, educated, non controversial and humane lead us the way.

Wish our constitution gave us powers as citizens to topple governments who are so hell bent upon creating intolerance, mass murders, apathy and hatred amongst fellow Indians for their interests.

It makes me so sad to see how India is making headlines for all the wrong bloody reasons and not a word spoken by you. You have taken my India to the dark ages.

I am a practicing Hindu but don’t believe in consuming gau mutra to pronounce myself pure. I don’t skin people alive who prefer eating beef and not vegetables and dal. Oops forgot dal is costlier than beef. You aren’t someone who should be heading a country, where none of your acts project that you believe in a democracy.

You have indeed time and time again shown what a mediocre, narrow minded approach you have held in dealing with nation in the most difficult times and also being mute about it as always.

Unrest in Kashmir, Dalit lynching, Akhlaq, murders, corruption, and many like Adani’s and Ambanis who have your hand on their heads as saviour and protector. I, like any other Indian, had hoped for better governance considering UPA had failed to do so in many aspects but never did we expect to see an India that you have made today.

I’m sure we were better off with UPA for it did not run the country on an RSS ideology, it gave us dal but not priced at Rs.200 per kilo. It gave us corrupt officials but not as corrupt and devious as you and people in your party.

Fortunately I feel more safe at the place where I am today far far away from your peering eyes but feel so sad to see my fellow Indians suffering and waking up to another horrendous day. My husband indeed was right when he told me while we were in India for a year that he didn’t feel safe and I would calmly tell him it’s all in his head and that he shouldn’t worry.

As the situation deteriorated in my India and while I was enjoying what I had missed for so many years being away from my India he was feeling fearful, restless and anxious to be in a place which he so wanted to call his own but just couldn’t.

But one day he pulled me close to him and said, I think it’s time we leave and please don’t say no. I tried explaining to him how great it would be if we would just be a little patient and not over react.

But as time passed my India grew more intolerant not because it wanted to but because some people assigned by you and you yourself made it happen like that.

Though I must admit everyone is not like you and they don’t form opinions based on religion, nationality or caste as some were extra cordial and some sanghis would make sure he is uncomfortable and that’s the truth.

Finally, my only choice was to agree with my husband and the day came when we left India. He had a sigh of relief when the plane touched down in another part of the world, which we would now call home.

I’d never seen him so relaxed in a long long time. Today we know and appreciate freedom. We can eat anything, we are not afraid of anyone anymore. Our daughter is not so happy leaving behind beautiful memories, friends and school but she is getting along as we make it a point to spend more time with her not asking her to give up the hope of going to a better India where she might live in one day and can call it a home.

A home, free from destruction, vile and treacherous people and have someone who would lead mine and her India in a more dignified, humane way letting all live peacefully. After all it is our birth right. I never wanted to leave my India but you made me do it for my family’s safety.

I shall wait anxiously for the day when you are defeated in 2019 and I promise you Mr. Prime Minister. You or your RSS goons will not be able to ever compete or win an election to form a government for a very long time and that probably will be a day of homecoming for us.

P.S. Please publish this open letter for Indians all over the world to read. Hope it will give hope to a lot of many like me who would want to return home with family to live peacefully in a land we always knew as a secular democratic India.

(The author, who contacted us has requested to remain anonymous fearing for reprisals for her family in India. Views expressed here are her own and jantakareporter.com doesn’t subscribe to them)


    • For fake secularists, even human lives are not important and that too especially of some underprivileged people. who were affected by thousands of secular atrocities. West Bengal and Kerala people faced maximum killings under various secular and comrade rule. No one debated and no one ran away from the country.

  1. So called secular particies are playing trum card Dalit & Muslims againt Mr.Modi.This kind of policies projected & spreaded by Media. There is no communial differences between command man bt not a days media congress/AAP & others secular parties are spreading it like any thing. Jago India Jago.kab Tak gulami ki jindgi jiyoge. These media and forcing Dalit & Muslims tht think your self that you are Dalit.

      • y don’t u discuss the cards the Mr. Kejru is playing when he is visiting a dalit killed somwhere in AP whereas he doesn’t have time to visit a doctor killed by a group of Muslim youths in delhi. Rather than looking on the conduct of his AAP activists who think they become all righteous after putting on topi. What was MR. Kejru doing with all tax payer money spent on advertising in punjab, kerala and other states. Do u have any data about number communal riots that happened in gujrat during Modi’s rule than that of any other CM or that of under rule Mayawati, Mulayam or Akhilesh. Bloody AAPtards first go educate yourself, then start writing this kind of shits and For this jantakareporter please stop bringing shame to journalism…

        • for you kind info, kejru is only managing Delhi whereas PM is the face of our country. I agree to most part of the letter but still hoping that India will be secular and tolerant again.

      • Actually you should be asking your community members who decided almost to the last man not to vote for him. He is not playing the majority card – u are asking him. And we are all ok with it. Vote as much as you want against Modi – but having lost just shut up and go on with your life. Here in India, under Modi’s rule, unlike most Muslim countries, you do not have the fear of your husband getting beheaded, your young daughter getting raped by 10 Muslims with you pleading with them to rape one by one and not together just so she can live, and off course your little baby boy is not going to be enslaved either. I wish the author who in a very cowardly fashion has chosen not to name herself find the freedoms she seeks for herself in the chosen land. What she said of the country she has moved to does not certainly sound like any muslim country on this earth. If it is the West, I hope and pray she does not egg on Muslims to generally try imposing their customs on everybody else – make sure you sing the national anthem of the country you become a citizen of. We wish you well. The millions of us who love living in this country will take the country forward. Rest assured – the country will not be a loser.

    • Once someone voices a different opinion you immediately want them banned. such a cowardly act.just like the ruling government. Ban everything that dont accept with your ideology.
      May be you should read the indian constitution atleast once so wont spill such hatred again.

    • @Niraj: “This blog needs to be banned immediately” – typical cow sevak, heard of freedom of speech and expression? Didn’t RSS Chaddi school not teach you that?

  2. Janta ka Reporter is a front of AAP and sicularist. This woman must be one of the above group. I live abroad and never have felt proud to be an Indian as I am feeling in last 2 years. Infact foreigners in foreign land treat us with much more respect as Indians which was not there when Congress ruled.
    I would request that lady not to go back to India and pollute it by her breathing.

  3. So much inspirable, so much honest, so hopeful. After meeting you mom I feel we can live with harmony. I feel so much insecure due to venomous situation created by sanghis and it’s keep on spreading. And at the same time another fascism of MIM getting growth. So at this time your letter increases hopes. May your thoughts prevail. Praying God to make you more secure and protect you wherever you’re.
    🙂 Hope we’ll get our true India soon. And I hope one day we’ll meet. I’m available on : :http/fb/Syed.Aasim.14

  4. lol. Its funny that she put up with this country all these years. India might not have better system to implement democracy. But you know what i believe? India still has a system where people can get into the system and change it. Guess, they did not want to be a part of this nation at all. Basically its good that they got the hell outta this country, cuz this country doesn’t need such citizens. It needs citizens who either get into the system & change it or help those who change it. I don’t confront the lady about her allegations on Mr.Modi. But if she had to change the system, contest Mr.Modi in the elections or support those who are good enough than him contest in elections.

  5. So much inspirable, so much honest, so hopeful. After meeting you mom I feel we can live with harmony. I feel so much insecure due to venomous situation created by sanghis and it’s keep on spreading. And at the same time another fascism of MIM getting growth. So at this time your letter increases hopes. May your thoughts prevail. Praying God to make you more secure and protect you wherever you’re.
    🙂 Hope we’ll get our true India soon. And I hope one day we’ll meet. I’m available on : :http/fb.com/Syed.Aasim.14

  6. This is the prime example of what I find about ones loyalty to ones party. Dear Miss author you never raised issue of social inclusion. U said u are practising Hindu, who asked you that,just to be on the same page you said so. The so called best places to live in the world are constantly bombarded by Jihadist. But I guess ur hate is far-fetched than that. Enjoy your stay and I pray nothing untoward happen to you or your family. In that case Mrs Sushma Swaraj would come to your aid. Amen

  7. So much inspirable, so much honest, so hopeful. After meeting you mom I feel we can live with harmony. I feel so much insecure due to venomous situation created by sanghis and it’s keep on spreading. And at the same time another fascism of MIM getting growth. So at this time your letter increases hopes. May your thoughts prevail. Praying God to make you more secure and protect you wherever you’re.
     Hope we’ll get our true India soon. And I hope one day we’ll meet. I’m available on : :http//fb/Syed.Aasim.14

  8. Good that you left. You don’t deserve to be in India with so much of wrong perception! Try to be happy where you landed.

  9. What you made to stop him in 2014 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS ,
    LET SEE 2019 as you may have wish for defeat of NARENDRAMODI,BJP or RSS but you have to wait for 2019 as on his charisma NARENDRAMODI is been elected by people of India
    TRY ALL YOUR LUCK ,TO DEFEAT NARENDRAMODI,BJP,RSS IN 2019 not this sham letter ,
    You can’t win him in PEOPLE COURT THATS ELECTION ,.,
    It’s my opinion which is my DEMOCRATIC right

  10. Thye problem qwith Modi is that he is a hollow fainkoo glib talker a typical RSS precehr and trained like that. He is school drop out and lies often. he has accumulated around him useless people we all know about and for reasons also known to us.
    Such PM is disgrace to people who chose him. He has no interest in governnace. Chanegs designed deresses shamlessly 5 times a day. always talk of busienss benefits. nothing else.

    BJP should remove him a bring a sensible peson who can focus on lAW, JUDCIARY, GOVERNNACE, CORRUPTION, AGRICULTURE, CIMMUNLA HARMONY AND GIVES EXAMPLE OF SIMPLE LIVING AND TRUTHFULNESS., Modi is anyw ay bound to fail miserably.

  11. It’s sad to read such a letter. Such people don’t deserve to be im India .We live here very peacefully with all caste and religions . Please don’t spread such non sense to create disturbances in society.All religions are respected and have equal rights in this country. This can be seen in all fields and even politics. Who is hard working and honest climbs up the ladder, no matter what your religion is. And regarding some incidents which u mentioned all of us condemn such acts of violence . so stop spreading hatred and you too live peacefully

  12. Every one of those problems are law & order problems which are under the respective state govts.

    Seriously don’t understand how modi is responsible for them.

    Finally modi has not made a single communal statements & has condemned every single one of those incidents.

    Extremists r there in every country & I don’t see bcoz of isolated incidents “india” has overnight become intolerant. India is & will always be inclusive & that does not depend on the party in power

    In fact with Europe & America reeling under lone wolf terrorist attacks + mass shooting in America. I feel india is relatively safer.

  13. Thanks for leaving India ma’am. Don’t worry about fellow Indians, we are just doing fine and for the first time in decades feel proud of my country after electing Modi.

    One of the only reason I am still in India after getting Green Card is due to Modi. The day we bring back Corrupt Congress already me and my family will be out of this country.

    Please be rest assured that Modi is here to stay at till 2024. Meanwhile please enjoy your time being foreigner in western countries or at least till Trump changes some rules.

  14. This is a bogus letter, drafted by one on the Modi hater’s and presented as a mother without giving any name or identity.

  15. Writer and her family appears to feel secure in Syr / afg / France etc.

    Still not clear other than dal price what other issue u had faced in India…

  16. Thank god you left. We will be much better off when pessimistic, cowards who don’t appreciate and believe in Indian democratic system like you leave.i think even Modi will not have this much of hatred. Iam curious to know about your newly found heaven land which offers you free Dal.

  17. Don’t call yourself a mother and bring defame to d word.its good that u left because we don’t want anti Indian boot lickers in our country.font even contemplate coming back to India and spoil our life.

  18. If you really loved India, you have stayed back and fought for a better India because being a Hindu you would probably be more safe and higher visibility unlike a Dalit or a Christian or a Sikh or a Kashmiri or a poor man.

  19. This reeks of a fabricated open letter. Most have been thought up by one of the JKR reporters themselves. How easy it is to make up a letter like this and then conveniently say it was written by a mother who wanted ti remain anonymous. Ha ha ha… And to think people will be fooled

  20. Seems a fake letter to me. If the writer is so concerned about the country, why is she not putting her name down. These are people who are hell bent on denting our PM’s image. Shame in her, and hope she never comes back to the country. This lady seems to be a member of the Award Wapsi gang.

  21. This letter is a HANDI WORK of lousy dirty stupid dangerous useless good for nothing blind deaf dumb rogue and INTOLERANT rascal supported by goon parties who are tired of APPLYING ZANDU BALM AND ALSO BURNOL IN THEIR BURNING HOLES…HELL WITH THESE ROGUES….throw this stupid letter to trash bin and just shut up.

  22. I totally agree with you. India has changed in a big way. No one wants to speak or write against Modiji or his goons. The freedom of expression is gone forever.
    Intolerance is at it’s peak. I pity my fellow Indians.

  23. Everything about this article is fake ..just to generate i terest and empathy. Notice how quickly the fake ma from majja ma turns into a abusive journalist bringing up aqlakh and dal …this is fiction created by paid journalist ..

  24. Except fear mongering there is nothing substantial in this article. Just repeating the word intolerance and its synonyms doesn’t prove any point. To anyone living in India, life hasn’t really changed much. All this fear mongering is quite unnecessary and even hints of congress supported propaganda.

  25. Its simply a fake letter written by one of the anti-India journalists (no need to mention, I presume), who will not leave this country because has no place any where else but criticise the country that is feeding the traitor.


  27. I really don’t understand what are you talking about…I feel totally safe in my country…& India my country is NOT DETORIATING..

  28. Be happy Bhakths and pray that your wives and daughters don’t get raped in front of your eyes. I’m proud of this great Bharath.

  29. hank The Almighty!!! Good that she’s not a practising Muslim, she would be termed Amir Khan I mean the traitor. How dare she spoke about what’s happening in my country. The one’s still on board can’t do that, so there’s no allowance for the one’s who’ve left. Where the “F” was she when Congress was looting us for so many years, being in sicular country if my BJP does it, in an extreme way, Porkistani Hindus like you are feeling the pinch. You should feed one straight funds in your brains, an animal is far more superior than any of us humans. ?????

  30. Letter sounds very phony. No details why she specifically didnt feel safe when 1.25 billion people live in the country. The letter is either made up (jantakareporter is a purely based portal spreading false propaganda) or this person let India as she was looking for greener pastures ($$$).

  31. Good riddance of a over blown opinionated chap.Howver,sooner or later he will is bound to get frustrated in the new abode and would want to return to our motherland.Then it will be the height of the writer’s hypocracy and is bound to be thoroughly stand exposed.

  32. Jantakareporter, how do you allow unconfirmed reports to be published. It will be good if you publish the name and Id proof of person writing on your site. This type of hate mails I am sure will not be written by a true Indian and they always claim to be an NRI sitting somewhere outside.

  33. Who the bloody hell are you anyway ?! Who cares what you think ?! Your deliberate attempt to wag tail for your Congress masters is only spraying crap on your own face !

    You are only proving yourself to be a female troll and another brainless ape from the Congress zoo ! Who the hell cares if you stay in India or go away ?! There are 1.2499999 billion Indians who could care less ! We live happily in this country with the excellent governance delivered by the BJP Government and NARENDRA MODI ! They are doing an excellent job ! You and Your Congress Thieves and Communal Hate Mongers can go dump yourselves in the Mithi River at Kurla where the society’s waste are ejected for all we care. Your departure would only be good riddance to bad rubbish ! So please get lost quick !!

  34. It is better to leave India for u as u r Indian by name only.b Indian by virtue of good deeds.so much hatred to a man who is acclaimed as a world leader condemnable so called secular Indians politically aspired like u should b away from this country forever.

  35. Thanks a million for leaving the country. And plz plz plz don’t return. In fact please take along with you the pseudo seculars. Thank God you have left the country.

  36. This lady is not a Hindu. She appears to be married to a Muslim and converted to Islam. Even then SHE IS SAFER HERE THAN IN PAKISTAN.

  37. Dear Rifat Jawaid

    For how many Janta you are reporting ? Prove every one that you are really a Janta ka reporter. Or else change the name to specific Janta ka reporter. What is the defference of conduct between yours and Zee ? You are doing far more for your specific Janta then what zEE is doing for Bhakts

  38. Modi is a shameless and manipulator, a wolf can’t project himself to be a lion for very long, his lies and false promises are being exposed. At the end he won’t be elected and most likely he will commit suicide to satisfy his ego.

  39. One sould not qiet india insted fight back nation belong to us ….midi s come and go
    Think and be cool now day,s we are in Africa…..still acche din on the way

  40. Madam be bold and give your name when u comment on something u shd give u r correct name and address so that like minded people can appreciate, however price rise is onething no Govt is able to control, and the turmoil u see from u r eyes is personal and not overall, so blaming people only will not suffice, give solutions and see that they are implemented, running away will not be a worthy excuse.

  41. Pathetically, that mom’s perception is a bit biased! Biased not on her side, but on her kind of ideologies. She is right about her restrictions that are being forced upon them. But i don’t agree it is applied for everyone in the nation, it also would not make all the whole nation who is trying to eject out its second highest number of population. Appreciate her love towards nation but at the same time, feel pity for such immature idea! Hope she realizes some day in life! I pray the god for that! Cheers

  42. All of you who is writing against modi.. Go back and see where we are in the world today. Shame on you all who think some Bull shit family wrote some nonsense and you all are agreeing.. Dal price is high not because of modi governance. If you need a detailed class tell me I will explain.

  43. Utter Trash! Clearly the author is either Aamir Khan In Disguise or one of the UPA mules ? Don’t be silly enough to buy into this vindictive trash.

  44. Hope she and her family was not detained for 3hrs in a tolerant country! Like such blogs because of the same kind of hounding since 2002 is what made Modiji stronger and people voted for him with vengeance


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