PM Modi trolled after taking Mahatma Gandhi’s name wrong, yet again


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again come under fire after he took Mahatma Gandhi’s name wrong.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Motihari on Wednesday (10 April) to take part in ‘Satyagraha from Swacchagraha’ programme on the closing ceremony of the Champaran Satyagraha Centenary celebrations. Modi started his speech in Bhojpuri and bowed to Bihar. But soon he faced a majot embarrassment as he pronounced Mahatma Gandhi’s name wrongly. He said, “Bihar made ‘Mohanlal’ Karamchand Gandhiji a Mahatma, made Bapu.” Gandhi’s full name was ‘Mohandas’ Karamchand Gandhi.


Gaurav Pandhi from Congress’ social media team tweeted the video of Modi’s gaffe and wrote, “He is the first Prime Minister to not know the name of Father of the nation! Or he does it deliberately? Even a 5 yr old kid knows it’s “Mohandas” Karamchand Gandhi! No fiery debates on this? ”

Pandhi added, “ This is not the first time Modi has referred to Mahatma Gandhi by incorrect name, calling him ‘Mohanlal’. He has done it in the past, many times. Either the PM is too dumb to learn from his mistakes or he does it deliberately. Media too acts like a shield for him, to not Qn him! ”

On Gaurav’s tweet, people started taking a swipe at PM Modi.

Modi expressing ignorance on Gandhi’s correct name comes amidst many supporters and senior functionaries of the former’s party, the BJP, openly supporting Nathuram Godse, Gandhi’s killer. Gandhi, incidentally, was from Gujarat, the same state Modi hails from.


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