Live Prime Time TV updates, JJA Bill, Kejriwal’s tirade against Modi?


On Tuesday, once again, the same two stories dominated the media coverage. While Rajya Sabha debated and passed the Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill, allowing juveniles between 16 and 18 years of age to be tried as adults for serious crimes like rape or murder.

On the other hand, the war over DDCA corruption took a new turn after Delhi chief minister launched his most stinging attacks against Narendra Modi asking him to resign for misusing the office of the CBI.

Earlier in the day, it also emerged that the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s Information and Broadcasting ministry had removed Kirti Azad’s wife Poonam Jha from the advisory panel of the Censor Board.

Most channels have already decided to devote a large part of their prime time slots to discussing JJA Bill.

Let’s see how the debates unfold tonight.

  • Rajdeep Sardesai is bringing his show live from Vijay Chowk outside the parliament. He’s discussing the conduct of MPs
  • Naresh Gujral of Akali Dal on India Today uses ‘brilliant’ argument to justify why NDA disrupted parliament during UPA2. He says they protested against scams, Congress protesting for nothing
  • Name me a Congress minister who resigned out of his own will, says Sambit Patra while defending Jaitley on India Today
  • Don’t know what point did Sambit try to make
  • Sambit’s remarks come after Congress’ Gaurav Gogoi slammed BJP for not making Jaitley resign
  • Naresh Gujral says Congress has been reduced to 44 in parliament. errr, its 45 after Jhabua bypoll victory
  • Times Now’s Newshour, has started with a report accusing Kejriwal of making false claims on CBI
  • It’s going to be AAP’s Ashish Khetan vs BJP’s Nalin Kohli. hmmm
  • Ashish Khetan reminds Arnab how he had taken a position against AAP, anchor says it’s democracy. RIP neutrality if ever it mattered in Indian media
  • Arnab asks if he had caught AAP’s lies red handed, Khetan says TimeNow’s biases are caught red-handed
  • Arnab Goswami claims to possess documents, which he says proves CBI never raided Arvind Kejriwal’s office
  • Have the guts and say alleged corrupt finance minister, Khetan to Arnab
  • Plenty of interesting one-liners tonight
  • Nalin Kohli says he doesn’t expect decency from AAP, Ashish Khetan says he doesn’t expect honesty from BJP
  • I have unique distinction of being called names by all political parties, says Arnab. hmmm
  • Times Now has one BJP and one RSS guest against one AAP and one JDU to discuss Kejriwal. Balanced?
  • Barkha Dutt’s The Buck Stops Here too is discussing JJA Bill
  • Fab! When will Delhi get governance, asks Nalin Kohli. When will India get prime minister, counters Ashish Khetan
  • Ashish Khetan tells Arnab even a cub reporter would know that office of principal secretary is the office CM
  • Sudhir Chaaudhry on Zee blames Rajya Sabha for delay in passing of JJA Bill, but quickly reminds that BJP is in minority there
  • On NewX, GVL Narasimha Rao thanks media for creating awareness on JJA Bill, credits BJP with passing it

Meanwhile, Shazia Ilmi tweets, “Why is AK not revealing the name of the CBI offfcer who told him Pm wants the opposition leaders to be fixed and finished? Hot air again?”

  • You can’t make journalistic expression to defend a political party, Arnab to Ashish Khetan
  • It’s not the first time when Arnab has started with aggression but has lost steam in midway through the debate.

See you all tomorrow night! Thanks for being with us



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