Kartanaka MLA abuses Times Now’s female journalist, says ‘saa** ko arrest karo’


On Monday, some TV viewers in India were witnessed to quite an uncomfortable development as an independent Karnataka MLA Ashok Kheny used abusive language against one of Times Now’s female journalists at a Mumbai hotel.

Kheny, who was being accused in the media of being taken to a Mumbai hotel before crucial Rajya Sabha elections as part of a lucrative financial deal, was approached by a lady reporter of Times Now.

The reporter in question approached Khney understandably for his reactions, but he appeared evasive and accused the journalist of harassing him.

The MLA, who first avoided the reporter’s several attempts to elicit a response from him, suddenly lost his cool and was seen saying, “arrest karo saa** ko. ”

Kheny was later confronted by the channel’s editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, for an apology, but the the MLA refused adding that he would do so if the reporter issued an apology to him first.

The ugly development took place after the channel said it had stung several MLAs, purportedly exposing how crores of rupees were being set as benchmark prices for every MLA to try and push rich candidates to the Rajya Sabha.

Surprisingly, no journalists’ body has yet commented on this condemnable behaviour of an elected representative.



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