Salman Khan’s role as Bigg Boss host under scanner after Siddharth Shukla sensationally admits his mistake on angry outbursts against Asim Riaz


Days after being crowned as the Bigg Boss winner, Siddharth Shukla has sensationally admitted that he felt sad about his angry outbursts against fellow contestants particularly Asim Riaz inside the Colors TV’s reality show house. His stunning confession will give credence to critics who had questioned Salman Khan’s role after the Bollywood megastar turned a blind eye to the Dil Se Dil Tak actor’s violent and abusive behaviour.

Siddharth Shukla

In his first radio interview after winning the Bigg Boss title, Siddharth explained why hefelt sad about his aggressive behaviour inside the house. He said, “Once we had somebody come in and Rajat Sharma ji (India TV founder) was here. I had this whole Aap Ki Adaalat moment with him. And then I saw what I had done. So, of course you feel bad. But that’s not exactly who I am. Any of that was not true.”

Siddharth had faced plenty of heat towards the last leg of the reality show as India TV founder Rajat Sharma decided to expose him for his shenanigans. Sharma had stunned Shukla by revealing that some members of the public had sent him at least eight videos showing the latter’s physical assault on Asim Riaz. Sharma had said, “This is your problem. You don’t give importance to anybody other than yourself…As for Asim, members of the public have sent me videos. You pushed him eight times.”

Siddharth revealed that his first fight with Asim had left him shaken since he considered the latter as his younger brother. He said, “Yes, because there was a lot of emotion that I had invested in that guy. I actually took him as my younger brother. When things went astray, it was sad. When Rohit (Shetty) sir had come, I was teary-eyed because there were a lot of exchanges we had. I was feeling embarrassed and sorry about it.”

The Bigg Boss winner was asked about one fight that stayed the longest in his mind. Siddharth replied, “I think it was my first altercation with Asim which stayed longer with me because that’s not something I expected from him. There were a lot of words exchanged which I would have never associated him to talk like that to me or say things to me. But he did. So that’s the only thing that stayed with me longer.”

Siddharth, however, said that his fight with Rashami Desai did not bother him much because he expected that behaviour from her adding that there was no truth to the allegations made by Rashami.

Siddharth’s first radio interview has gone viral with more than one million views on YouTube alone.



  1. Grow Up Asim Fans…Don’t Be a Bad Loser it’s Sad…The Better Person Won..Got to Move on..Stop Spreading Negativity & False News…Grow Up Guys Be a SPORT

  2. Asim Riaz was the one was starting the fight and would not allow the person to stop. He used to instigate and keep continuing the fight. Sid had recdcontinuoua trending pts from the beginning till winning the game


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