This is the story of a modern-day ‘Karna’ rescued as a baby in Turkey


You may have read or watched the story of how Karna was left in a basket by his mother Kunti and set afloat on a river in Mahabharata. Kunti was afraid of being an unwed mother after she received a boon from sage Durvasa that she could invoke any deity and bear a child. Karna was born from Surya, the sun deity and at the time of birth, he was wearing an armour and a pair of earrings.

In Turkey, a baby too was left to be swept by the sea waves. But this time the baby was a girl and she being swept away had no approval of her mother. She was lost to the sea out of sheer carelessness.

A video has emerged of the baby being rescued by the Turkish coastguard after it drifted out to the sea off the coast of Ayvacik.

The 10-month old girl was left in an inflatable crib on the beach by her parents and as they were unaware, it was swept about a kilometre away from the shore.

The parents realized the gaffe when other sunbathers at the beach warned them, according to Turkish news agency Anadolu.

In the legend, Karna was later found on the shore by Adhiratha, who was a charioteer of King Dhiritarashtra of Hastinapur. Adhiratha and his wife Radha brought up the boy as their own son and called him Vasusena. Only later in his life did Karna realize that he was the son of Kunti, Lord Krishna’s aunt.

The look on the faces of the Turkish parents in the video says it all. They left their ‘Karna’ at the sea by mistake and then miraculously found him.