South African of Indian origin courts controversy for charging money for toilet use


The restaurant has a sign at the entrance to the premises: “Toilets are for use of Jolly Grubber customers only. Buying just drinks will not qualify you to use these facilities. Therefore, it is unlawful dishonest, theft, haraam to use this facility without permission.” “Service charge of R20 per person payable at the counter. This is not a public toilet.”

“This is not a question about humanity, compassion nor religion, there are free public facilities just a stones throw away,” said the restaurant, which also maintains a Namaaz Room for Muslim patrons to perform their prayers free of charge.

A municipal working in the department licensing public restaurants, who asked not to be identified, said that while a R20 charge did appear to be “a bit exorbitant”, the restaurant was well within its rights to charge a fee for the use of its facilities without contravening its licensing conditions, which only required that any restaurant ensure that it has toilet facilities available for its customers.

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