South African of Indian origin courts controversy for charging money for toilet use


A South African Indian-origin owner of a fast food store in Durban is at the centre of a controversy for charging people 20 rand to use the toilets on the premises.

Charging R20 (Rs 95) was the only way to keep away the hordes of people visiting the beachfront who abused the facilities that his staff maintained for the free use of his customers who bought food at his premises, the owner of Jolly Grubber, Junaid Moola, said in a statement.

A customer, Reza Khan, posted on Facebook a receipt they were given for R40 after they were initially stopped from using the toilet before they paid.

“My cousin asked if we could not buy cooldrinks instead, but we were told cooldrinks don’t qualify,” Khan posted.

“In my whole entire existence on this earth, this is the most expensive p*** I’ve ever taken,” Khan said.

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