Series of blasts kill more than 30 people in Kabul. Biggest attack since Mullah Omar’s death


Several blasts across Kabul have left more than 30 dead and hundreds injured.

The most casualties came from the attack that took place on Friday evening near a police academy when a suicide bomber blew himself killing at least 20 people, all of them recruits.

Earlier on Friday, another attack by a truck carrying explosives near an army base in the Shah Shahid area, had claimed 15 lives.

There have also been reports of a large explosion north of the city airport.

Eyewitnesses said that they heard heavy exchange of gunfires soon after the blast. Taliban has not yet claimed responsibility for these latest series of coordinated attacks, it’s almost certain they will be held responsible for the latest attacks.

President Ashraf Ghani suggested that the group was seeking to divert attention away from its leadership struggles.

Officials told a news agency that the attacker on the police academy were dressed in police uniform and had worn explosive laden vest. Other officials said that the suicide bomber had sneaked into the group of police recruits walking outside the academy.

As for the truck bomb, it went off on the early hours of Friday. Locals say that such was the impact that it left a huge crater in the area.

These blasts come a day after a suicide bomber had killed at least six people, including three policemen in eastern Afghanistan. Here too, a lorry filled with explosives was detonated outside a police compound in Puli Alam, capital of Logar province. Taliban had claimed the responsibility

But the truck bomb in the heart of Kabul has left many surprised as the authorities do not permit the entry of trucks inside Kabul during the day time.

Todday’s coordinated blasts are the biggest since death of Taliban leader Mullah Omar was made public.