Miss Universe Malaysia trends for choosing unusual dress


Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James has hit headlines and even trended for being given a rather unusual outfit that she will wear in the beauty pageant.

Local pageant organisers have revealed a gown to be worn by James depicting the national dish of Malaysia known as nasi lemak. The beauty contest is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas later in the month.

Nasi lemak is essentially coconut milk-infused rice accompanied by various ingredients – the standard ones are a fried egg, cucumber slices, tiny fried anchovies, peanuts, and a hefty dollop of sambal, or spice paste, reported the BBC.

The dish – which means “fatty rice” in Malay – is usually wrapped up in banana leaves, and often eaten for breakfast.

Local designer Brian Khoo had also sewn embellishments on her dress – made of ivory silk to represent coconut rice – depicting the other ingredients, as well as a splash of red crystals for the sambal.

According to media reports, it took organisers more than 400 hours to make the outfit for James.

Such is the craze for nasi lemak is that now Malaysian contraceptive maker Karex has now come up with nasi lemak condoms, that are likely to be sold in shops in the next few weeks, the prophylactics apparently smell faintly of coconut and are coated with a warming lubricant, reported the AFP.

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