Progress made by US will go down if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win: Barack Obama

In a final push on the last day of campaigning for Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama said that the progress made by America in the last eight years of his administration “would go down the drain” if the Democratic presidential nominee does not win in the polls.

Photo: The New Yorker

“All that progress goes down the drain if we don’t win tomorrow” Obama said at an election rally in Michigan yesterday, which has voted for a Democrats over the past few decades, but appears to have leaned towards the Republicans this time.

Michigan is home to three American motor giants including Ford and General Motors, which were badly hit by the 2008 economic recession.

These companies are back in business, which is mainly attributed to the policies adopted by Obama Administration in the last eight years.

The Clinton Campaign had to rush Obama to Michigan as a last minute enforcement.

“We took what could have been a Great Depression and turned it into recovery. Our businesses turned job losses into 15.5 million new jobs. We saw an auto industry that was flat on its back roar its way back to break new records brought the unemployment rate in Michigan below the national average, and across the nation, cut the unemployment rate in half,” he said.

“Last year, incomes went up faster than any times in 30 years, poverty went down faster than any time in 30 years.

Twenty million Americans have health insurance that didn’t have it before. We doubled our production of clean energy, became the world leader in fighting climate change,” Obama said.

Listing out his regime’s achievements, he said that he took out Osama Bin Laden and brought home America’s men and women in uniform.

“High school graduation rates, all-time high. College graduation, all-time high. Marriage equality a reality from coast to coast. That happened because people in 2008 decided to choose hope over fear,” he added.

Over the course of these eight years, all across 50 states, I’ve always seen what made America great, Obama said adding there’s only one candidate in the race who’s devoted her life to that better America.

“That is the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton. This race will be close here in Michigan, just like it will be in a lot of parts of the country. I know it’s been a long campaign. The end of every campaign brings all kinds of craziness and negative ads and noise and distractions. I want you just to focus,” he said.

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