Hamas releases video of Israeli hostage killed in Israeli military operation in Gaza; Israel thanks Joe Biden for support in genocide of Palestinians

Palestinian resistance group Hamas has released a video of an Israeli hostage, who they said was killed in an Israeli military operation in Gaza.

Pro-Israeli social media handles have identified the man seen in Hamas video as Sahar Baruch.

In the Arabic voiceover in the video, the Israeli man says he has been held captive for 40 days. This means the video was shot sometime in the middle of November. This follows the same man lying dead on a blood-stained tiled floor.

Hamas said that the Israeli was killed in an Israeli operation as the occupation forces tried to rescue the hostages. This led to a full-blown battle between Hamas fighters and Israeli forces. Hamas says that Israeli soldiers couldn’t reach the hostages and had to flee.

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According to the Palestinian resistance fighters, the Israeli military had used an ambulance to reach the hostages.

Meanwhile, chief IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari has confirmed that two Israeli soldiers had sustained serious injuries during operations in Gaza to free hostages.

Elsewhere, Israeli ambassador to India, has said that Gal Eisenkot, the son of former IDF chief Gadi Eisenkot, has been killed in Gaza. Gadi Eisenkot is currently serving as a minister and a member of the Israeli war cabinet.


Israeli genocide in Gaza has killed more than 17,000 innocent Palestinians including over 7,000 children. The US on Friday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution put forward by the UAE calling for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.’ The United Kingdom abstained from the coting. The remaining 13 of the council’s 15 members voted in favour.

The US’s decision to vote against the ceasefire in Gaza earned the Biden aministration global condemnation once again. The medical charity, Doctors Without Borders, called it ‘a vote against humanity.’

Experts say that the Israeli genocide in Gaza has left the US increasingly isolated on a global platform. As many as 97 nations signed on as co-sponsors to Friday’s resolution in a symbolic gesture of their support to 13 council members who voted in favour of a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Israel has thanked Biden for his support to Israel in carrying out the genocide of Palestinians.