Gaza’s only power station runs out of fuel amidst Israeli genocide against Palestinian children and innocent civilians


In a chilling development, Gaza’s only power station responsible for supplying electricity to 2.2 million population has run out of fuel amidst a widespread genocide committed by Israeli forces. This came hours after Israel announced that it was cutting off energy supplies as well as food and water to over two million population.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces have continued wreak havoc by targeting civilian population, killing hundreds of babies and other people.

Elsewhere. Israeli forces have announced that they were ready ‘to execute the mission we have been given.’

In a breather for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, opposition leader Benny Gantz has accepted his offer to to form an emergency unity government in Israel.

Israeli forces have been killing innocent civilians by announcing a complete siege of the region, which is often described as the largest open air prison in the world. Many commentators have termed Israeli action against Gaza’s population as a ‘war crime.’

The death toll in Israel from the Hamas attacks has reached 1,200, while more than 1,000 people are believed to have been killed by Israeli forces.

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The US and the UK have been quick to hail Israeli military actions that targeted children and other civilian populations.

The Israeli Defence Forces have said that they received a report of ‘a suspected infiltration from Lebanon into Israeli airspace.’ It’s, however, not clear whether this was another propaganda by the Israelis aimed at garnering international support.

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