BREAKING: Donald Trump defies pollsters, becomes US President all by himself

Donald Trump has won the US Presidential polls by beating his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton as reported by most US media networks. His victory has clearly proved pollsters and perceived public opinion.

He reached the magic number of 270 electoral college votes without much of a fight. What did the trick for Trump, 70, was his surprisingly spectacular performance in key battleground states including Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina and Michigan.

He crossed the magical number of 270 electoral college votes only after 45 states were called.

To win the presidential election, a candidate needed 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.

But Trump surprised everyone including many of his die-hard supporters by registering victories there.

In a surprising development, Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta told the crowd gathered at the Clinton campaign HQ to go home asking them to come home. What it meant is that Clinton will not be making concession speech tonight.

Trump, a billionaire business tycoon, was trailing to Clinton before the polls started. His campaign was mired with series of sex scandals and other controversies. More than a dozen women had come forward accusing him of previously attacking on them sexually.

A charge that prompted both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to call Trump a sexual predator.

Trump’s victory assumes significance particularly because he had no support from many heavyweights even from the Republicans, who chose to distance themselves from him as controversies surrounded his campaign. Former president Goerge Bush and his family reportedly did not even vote for him.

One analyst summed up, “Trump was snubbed by even his own party bigwigs. He’s won this election all by himself.”

Trump has just started speaking;

  • I just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us for our victory
  • For those who did not vote for me, I’m reaching out to them
  • We will begin the urgent task of rebuilding the nation
  • That’s what I want to do for our country
  • Our country has a tremendous potential
  • We will double our growth
  • We will get along with any country, which is willing to get along with us
  • We must reclaim the destiny of our country

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