Brexit row: British PM Boris Johnson loses key votes in parliament as MPs reject his bid for snap general elections


British PM Boris Johnson on Wednesday (according to UK time) lost key votes in the parliament as MPs rejected his bid to hold snap general elections on 15 October. Three key opposition parties, the Labour, the Scottish Nationalist Party and the Liberal Democrats rejected his offer to hold general elections in October.

Boris Johnson

Johnson needed the support of two-thirds of the total MP in the House of Commons but he fell short of 136 MPs. His proposal for snap general elections received 298 votes. He needed 434 votes in favour of his proposal.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Johnson was ‘playing a disingenuous game’ to force a no-deal Brexit. Corbyn said that his party would back an early election if the bill seeking to block the no-deal Brexit had been passed but not before.

This was after MPs passed a bill aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit if Johnson failed to agree a plan with the European Union before the 31 October deadline. After the House of Commons passed the bill, it has now gone to the House of Lords for their approval.

British PM, for his part, said that the bill seeking the extension of the Brexit deadline   ‘scuppered’ negotiations adding that the only way forward now was an election. Johnson said that Jeremy Corbyn had become ‘the first opposition leader in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election.’

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said that the best way of resolving the deadlock was another referendum. She added that her party will back an election if Brexit was delayed to stop the threat of no-deal ‘either during the campaign or in the immediate aftermath.’

Johnson had faced a huge rebellion within his party after 21 MPs voted against him in the parliament. All 21 MPs were later expelled from their party.


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