Australian Police bust sex racket by incestuous couple, who raped their 4-year-old daughter to sell video to pedophiles


In a gruesome revelation, the Australian Police have busted a sex racket being run by an incestuous couple, who repeatedly raped their 4-year-old daughter and filmed their act so that they could sell the video for as little as little as Rs 5,000 in equivalent money.

The couple, identified as Ukraine citizen father, 29, and Azerbaijani mother, 30, are believed to be cousins. They allegedly filmed themselves having sex with their daughter in Ukraine and sold the videos to pedophiles in Australia and Asia.

What got the cops in Australia involved in the case was when they stumbled upon one video in their country. The Australian investigators spotted a bar code in one of the videos and traced it back to a Ukraine chain, reported London’s Daily Mail. This bar code, according to TSN channel in Ukraine, was related to a chain of shops in the Poltova region of Ukraine.

According to the Australian Police, their Ukrainian counterparts weren’t very enthusiastic about pursuing the case in the beginning. However, they came on board after the investigators kept persuading them to dig deeper to trace the brainchild behind this despicable act. The concern was increasingly growing in Australia because cops noticed that new videos with some unknown little child were repeatedly being uploaded from the same source.

When the police raided the couple’s house, the victim child, was in the lap of the evil mother. Police found hundreds of videos and photos of the child in the couple’s laptop. The local media in Ukraine added that the baby was being sexually assaulted from as young as when she was just two years old.

The cops have taken the child in their custody and she is unlikely to be ever returned to her parents. As for the couple, who are being termed as ‘pure evil’ and ‘beasts’ in local media, they face up to 12 years in jail if convicted.

Vyacheslav Abroskin, deputy head of Ukraine’s national police force, said, “Having seen what this woman did to her daughter, it is impossible to call her a mother. I cannot give you all the details of what this creature did to the child. In my opinion, this woman cannot be cured.”

‘When we heard for the first time about the four-year-old girl being exploited by her parents, I ordered the head of the local police department to stop all other work and investigate this as soon as possible,’ Abroskin was further quoted as saying.

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