Another Ice dancer suffers wardrobe malfunction in Winter Olympics, leaves athlete almost in tears


Just days after a Korean dancer was left red-faced following her wardrobe malfunction, another performer has had to endure the embarrassment during the Winter Olympics.

French figure skater Gabriella Papadakis said that the wardrobe malfunction during her performance was her ‘worst nightmare happening at the Olympics.’ The athlete said that she was almost in tears after this episode. Much to the embarrassment of Papadakis, her glittering emerald costume got unhooked at the neckline and later in her Olympic routine leaving her breast exposed live on television.

Such was the embarrassment that the ice dancer could be seen desperately holding up her outfit that focussing on her dance routine. She said, “I felt it right away and I prayed.  That’s about what I could do.”

The official broadcast partner, NBC, said that it had edited the video after the broadcast even though the the dancer’s wardrobe malfunction went live to millions of its viewers during the performance.

“Our coverage of ice dancing was live tonight. Once a competitor’s brief wardrobe issue became evident, we purposely used wider camera shots and carefully selected replays to keep the issue obscured. We have edited the video for all television encores and online replays,” Daily Mail of UK quoted the NBC’s statement.

Last week, Korean figure skater Yura Min was widely applauded for her courage to continue with her figure skating despite suffering from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in 2018 Winter Olympic.


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