Viral video: Self-proclaimed maulana said ‘I want to touch your feet,’ Sambit Patra replied, ‘do it so, my feet are here’


Triple Talaq Bill is being tabled in the parliament today as the central government decides to make the pronouncement of instant talaq a criminal act.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board has opposed the move while the proponents of women’s rights have hailed the move calling it historic.

This has come after the Supreme Court in August rules that the pronouncement of triple talaq in one go was illegal. Since then the topic has been discussed at length both inside and outside the TV studios.

It’s in this context that a video of a so-called maulana and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra taking part in a TV debate has gone viral.

In the video, which is understandably shot inside the Aaj Tak studio, a so-called maulana is seen arguing against the triple talaq bill while questioning why no justice was being delivered to the Jashodaben, the estranged wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This visibly angers the BJP spokesperson, who then begins to retaliates. At this point, the self-proclaimed maulana intervenes stating that he will touch Patra’s feet- a sign of submission.

An unperturbed Patra replies, “ok do that. My feet are here.”

The episode will serve a lesson to not just this self-proclaimed maulana but all the others who’ve decided to make mockery of Islam in order to pursue their self interests.