MUST WATCH VIDEO: Audacity of a multi-tasking Punjab policeman


The video of a constable with Punjab police driving a car without registration number while constantly busy talking on the mobile phone has gone viral.

A member of public, who shot this video, tries to stop the car, but the policeman in question is simply too focussed on his task.


The person, who shot this video doesn’t give up until he manages to stop the police officer’s car.

The brave common man then bombards with barrage of questions at the offending policeman, who has no answers to any of his questions.

He asks, “You are driving a car without number plate, you don’t have your seat belt fastened and you are talking on the mobilephone while driving. Why?”

Cornered and embarrassed, the officer introduces himself as Harvinder Singh, Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police, who, after a brief struggle, manages to drive away in his car. The parting line from this brave member of public is, “Paaji, tusi bach gaye.”

Driving without registration number, without seat-belt and talking on the phone while driving are criminal offence in India.