Halloween asteroid looks like a skull: NASA


A large space rock that will zip past the earth this Halloween on Saturday is most likely a dead comet that bears an eerie resemblance to a skull, said US space agency NASA.

Discovered three weeks ago, the asteroid, 2015 TB145, will fly by our planet at just 1.3 lunar distances, or about 490,000 km, at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday, that means it will pose no threat to the Earth, Xinhua quoted the space agency as saying.

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Radar images generated by the US National Science Foundation’s 305-metre Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico showed the object is spherical in shape and about 600 metres in diameter.

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Vishnu Reddy, a research scientist at the US Planetary Science Institute, found that the asteroid, nicknamed ‘Spooky’ is similar to dark carbonaceous meteorites.

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“That suggests it could be cometary in origin but as there is no coma evident, the conclusion is it is a dead comet.”

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