Why Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Cyclist Moriah Wilson?

US federal agencies are frantically looking for a 34-year-old Texas woman, Kaitlin Armstrong, who’s suspected of having killed professional cyclist Moriah Wilson. What has intrigued the investigating agencies is the mysterious motive behind the murder of Moriah. Also Read: Shocking Buffalo shooting Twitch clip leaked on Internet Why Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Cyclist Moriah Wilson? Kaitlin has … Read more

Who is Kaitlin Armstrong: Wiki, Bio of wanted murderer of Moriah Wilson

Who is Kaitlin Armstrong: US federal agencies have launched a massive hunt for Kaitlin Armstrong, a woman they believe may have murdered an athlete from Vermont. The athlete in question has been identified as 25-year-old professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson, who was found dead in Austin, Texas, on 11 May. Also Read: Why did She Kill … Read more