Kangana Ranaut draws inspiration from Kareena Kapoor Khan because of her commitment to Taimur and Saif Ali Khan, here’s why!

Kangana Ranaut may have faced the wrath from a section of entertainment journalists recently for her bust-up with a reporter during a press conference, but she was all praise for Kareena Kapoor Khan on Saturday. Kangana said that Kareena could make the best Home Minister because of the way she managed her commitments towards Saif … Read more

Journalists’ body bans Kangana Ranaut after intimidation, actress hits back calling media persons ‘rotten, traitors, cheap who can be bought for Rs 50’

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has hit out at the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild for their decision to ban her in the future after she intimidated a journalist during a press conference. In a video message, Kangana launched a tirade against journalists using expletives and calling them ‘rotten’ and ‘sold out.’ The controversial actress said that these … Read more

Ekta Kapoor faces flak for omitting Kangana Ranaut’s name in her apology to journalist

Producer Ekta Kapoor on Wednesday issued an apology to journalist Justin G Rao on behalf of the much-reported rude behaviour by actress Kangana Ranaut earlier this week. But far from pacifying people, her apology letter left many incensed as they slammed the filmmaker for omitting Kangana’s name. Ekta’s apology statement read, “A lot is being … Read more

प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस के दौरान पत्रकार से भिड़ीं कंगना रनौत, दोनों के बीच कई मिनट तक होता रहा झड़प, वीडियो वायरल

बॉलीवुड की ‘क्वीन’ कंगना रनौत का फिलहाल विवादों से नाता टूटता नहीं दिख रहा है। कंगना आए दिन बॉलीवुड के कलाकारों, निर्माताओं और निर्देशकों के खिलाफ जमकर भड़ास निकालती रहती हैं। अब कंगना के निशाने पर पत्रकार भी आ गए हैं। जी हां, कंगना एक बार फिर विवादों में घिर चुकी हैं। उनकी आगामी फिल्म … Read more