After Ravish Kumar, Sreenivasan Jain, Nidhi Razdan resigns from Gautam Adani-owned NDTV

Days after Ravish Kumar and Sreenivasan Jain left NDTV in the wake of the media outlet’s takeover by industrialist Gautam Adani, Nidhi Razdan too has decided to leave NDTV. Razdan made the announcement on Twitter on Tuesday. She wrote, “After more than 22 years, it is time to move on from NDTV. It has been … Read more

Nidhi Razdan returns to NDTV months after being scammed by fake teaching job offer from Harvard University

NDTV on Monday announced the return of Nidhi Razdan to its channel more than a year after falling victim to a recruitment scam. Razdan had left the TV channel after she claimed to have secured a job as a professor at Harvard University. Sharing a teaser video involving Razdan, NDTV tweeted on Monday, “Next Monday, … Read more

“Wow, this is awful”: Former Director of Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University reacts to Nidhi Razdan’s revelation

Former Director of Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University has reacted in shock to Nidhi Razdan’s revelation that she had fallen victim to a sophisticated phishing attack. Joshua Benton took to Twitter to clarify that Harvard University had no school of journalism. Razdan had quit her job at NDTV last year claiming to have been … Read more

NDTV की पूर्व एंकर निधि राजदान ने हार्वर्ड यूनिवर्सिटी में नौकरी के प्रस्ताव को बताया फर्जी, बोलीं- सफिस्टकेटिड फिशिंग की हुई शिकार

समाचार चैनल NDTV की पूर्व एंकर निधि राजदान ने सनसनीखेज दावा किया है कि वह एक परिष्कृत फ़िशिंग हमले का शिकार हो गई थी, जिसने उसे विश्वास दिलाया कि उसे हार्वर्ड विश्वविद्यालय में नौकरी की पेशकश की गई थी। बता दें कि, निधि राजदान 21 साल से एनडीटीवी के साथ जुड़ी रहीं थी और हाल … Read more

Nidhi Razdan reveals her Harvard University job offer was fake, says she fell victim to sophisticated phishing attack

Former NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan has sensationally claimed that she had fallen victim to a sophisticated phishing attack, who duped her to believe that she had been offered a job with Harvard University as an Assistant Professor of Journalism. Taking to Twitter, Razdan wrote, “I have been the victim of a very serious phishing attack. … Read more

Nobel Prize winner Roger Tsien dies; helped track cells

Roger Tsien, a University of California, San Diego professor who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry for helping develop fluorescent markers that could tag cancer cells or track the advance of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain, has died. He was 64. Tsien died on 24 August in Eugene, Oregon, according to a statement yesterday … Read more

Harvard University evacuates four buildings after bomb scare

Harvard University said on Monday it received “unconfirmed” bomb threat which prompted the university to evacuate four buildings on its campus. “We received an unconfirmed bomb threat affecting the Science Centre, as well as Sever, Emerson and Thayer Halls on the Cambridge campus,” the university said on its website. A warning was first posted on … Read more