Rakesh Sinha to AIMIM leader: You wouldn’t survive even 15 seconds if there’s retaliation against you

Known RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha on Saturday told the AIMIM leader in a TV debate that they wouldn’t last even for 15 seconds if there was a retaliation against them. Taking part in a TV debate on News24 channel, Sinha told the panelist representing the AIMIM, “I am not even talking about Asim Waqar (from … Read more

Retrial for Alabama police officer who assaulted Indian grandfather

“It’s not only police lives that matter. All lives matter,” a new jury was told as it weighed afresh evidence against an Alabama police officer charged with using excessive force on an Indian grandfather. “The defence says the community must respect police, but the police must earn the respect of the community,” Assistant US Attorney … Read more