“Sitting at home was not an option”: This Sri Lankan cricket legend takes bold stand amidst chaos gripping Sri Lanka


Former Sri Lankan cricketer Roshan Mahanama has come out in the open in support of those protesting against the economic crisis plaguing the island nation. Mahanama, who represented Sri Lanka 265 international matches, said that ‘sitting at home while watching the country go into chaos was not an option.’

Sharing a photo of himself standing in solidarity with protesters, Mahanama wrote on Twitter, “Staying at home while watching the country go into chaos was not an option. As soon as possible, I walked to Galle Face from home last afternoon to stand in solidarity with the fellow protestors and to show my support towards the fight against the corrupt, power hungry leaders of our country and also to calm them down, if possible.”

He added, “Let us not forget of what we held for almost a month as a “peaceful protest” and that is what needs to continue despite state-sanctioned violent attempts to turn the country into utter chaos.”

Mahanama’s tweets came a day after peaceful protests turned violent in Colombo, forcing the country’s Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to resign. One member of parliament was reportedly killed in the violence as protesters set buses, government properties and houses belonging to politicians from the ruling party on fire.

Mahanama, however, urged protesters to not resort to violence. “Let us not resort to violence and show our opposition to the government in a peaceful manner. Further, we must abstain from being violent against our fellow people as well as public and private property. I urge you all to keep the peaceful protests going to salvage our mother land from burning any further.”

Mahanama represented Sri Lanka in 52 Tests and 215 One Day Internationals and scored more than 7,500 runs including 8 centuries and 46 fifties.

Former Sri Lanka skipper Mahela Jayawardena also urged protesters to stay away from violence. “Violence will not achieve the Change we all seeking for and truly amazing discipline everyone showed for the last 30 days. So please let’s not let vested interest take over people power,” he wrote.