NIA releases five Muslims soon after arresting them on terror charges


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the early hours of Thursday released six of the 11 persons detained early Wednesday in a terror raid.

This release comes after the agency claimed it had arrested 11 IS sypathisers, who were planning to attack key interests in Hyderabad.

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The NIA summoned the parents of the six persons and handed them over at the NIA office.

The released persons, according to Indian Express, are Syed Naimath Ullah Hussaini, alias Yaser Naimathullah (42) of Moghalpura, Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan alias Rizwan (29) of Talab Katta, Mohd Ataullah Rahman (30) of Bandlaguda, Al Jeelani Abdul Qader Mohsin Mahmood (32) of Yousuf Gulshan Colony, Hashmabad, AM Azhar (20) of Talab Katta, Mohammed Arbaz Ahmed (21) of Bandalguda, Chandrayangutta.

NIA officials have now clarified that these six persons were not part of going to take part in any attack.

The five arrested persons will be produced before a NIA court Thursday.

These five include two Shia Muslims. The arrested Shia brothers aretwo Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani and Mohammed Iliyas Yazdani, both of whom belong to Hyderabad’s Shia community.

The arrest of two Shia Muslims on suspicion of being linked to ISIS is first and assumes significance because the dreaded terrorist organisation has in the past killed religious minorities including Shias.

DNA website quoted official sources as saying, “Investigation against all the accused would not focus on their social background but on the laws allegedly broken by them”. It doesn’t matter what their religious background is. Investigators are mandated to probe if the accused were involved in criminal activities threatening national security.”

The NIA was in news earlier this year when it wrongly arrested innocent Muslims from Delhi Gokalpuri’s area. The agency had later released most of those arrested.