This Pune mother, Swati Chitalkar, has a message for lazy politicians


A Facebook post by a Pune-based bank employee, Swati Chitalkar, has gone viral. In her Facebook post, Chitalkar, published a photo of her working while her child slept on the floor behind her.

This incredibly moving photo spoke volume of Chitalkar’s dedication to her profession. She said that that the purpose of posting this photo was to motivate those poticians, who dozed off in assembly.

Writing further, Citalkar said that she couldn’t take a day off despite her son being down high fever because she had to approve a loan application.

She wrote, “Its not a baby on a floor ,its my heart on the floor. He was fully fevered not ready to stay with any body. As half day is over I couldn’t take leave in between and a urgent release of loan was there . but I could manage to mind my both the duties. Just want to convey the message to ministers who sleeps in assembly. (sic)”

Chitalkar’s post has been shared over 20,000 times and generated dozens of comments.

Here are some comments:

Shamila Musdeen : I salute u Madam

Aariz Mohammed: U did what u ought to do as a mother. There is nothing to get confused about it. The massage of the pic is completely visible for those who can understand.
Some time ago I saw a Women police officer on duty in night carrying little baby on her lap and doing rounds in one of the Indian cities. It is an act of ” Motherhood ‘ in expression. That needs to be understood as these days pushing us to be away from nature.

Swati Lokhande-Parkhe : Hats off to u dear …great ….u also convey the massage to the people espessially Men’s who think that womens are doing just timepass on duty & take payment more than us , now they have to think that we can do anything by managing our both duties perfectly proud to being a Woman.

Manisha Salunke Ingulkar: Every working womens facing problem like this… so salute to all mothers..

Harshal Kotale: Swati …it’s really heart touching pic….luv u both…