Right-wing Facebook page caught inciting communal tension, deletes after being warned by IAS officer

IAS officer, Ravi Jha, has reacted angrily after a Facebook page owned by a right-wing group in India posted allegedly fake report accusing the civil servant of having signed an order to discontinue with the alleged practice of forcing children to produce Baptism certificates before admission in schools.

The photo posted by Frustrated Indian posted a ‘photoshopped’ image of an order signed by ‘Ravi Jha, Deputy Commissioner, Khonsa.’ According to the post, Arunachal Pradesh has continued with this perceived discriminatory practice against non-Christian students.

According to the Facebook post, schools in Arunachal Pradesh ‘have been demanding certification of Baptism to forcefully convert the students to Christianity.’

It added, “Wonder what those in the media and among intellectuals who cried out on Ghar wapsi had to say about this.

Frustrated India’s Facebook post

Jha wasted no time in reacting to the ‘misinformation’ reminding the page owner that the order was ‘not authentic.’

He wrote, “This order is not authentic. I have asked the page to remove it immediately.This is a serous offence. Please don’t share this.”

The Frustrated Indian, owned by BJP supporters, quickly removed the post from its Facebook page.

One admin of the page is Shefali Vaidya, who is a known Modi supporter and is followed by among others union minister Piyush Goyal. She was among those who Modi had invited to meet at 7RCR after becoming the prime minister.

The website, known for carrying right-wing agenda, was founded by one Atul Kumar Mishra. The alleged ‘lies’ being spread by this page assumes significance particularly because the page has more than 7,00,000 likes.

Facebook users have been making their anger public on yet another attempt by right-wing brigade in India to incite communal violence through photoshopped images and brazen misinformation.

Here are some examples.

Ankita Kotak : Long back Tfi use to be superb page with sensible posts. But from 1 or 2 yrs now it has become completelt bias. Seems it has been purchased by someone if u know what i mean

Saad Nawab : As official spokesperson of The Frustrated Indian I have to advise that we only cover and write fake stories. Because if we print the truth, we will not get any followers and so-called bhakts on our side. How else will we be able to get Modiji’s and Mohanji’s attention? Bolo ji?

Darshan Mondkar: That’s because TFI has not yet recieved orders from Nagpur to take it down….. Ufff

Amit Chakraborty : Forging documents is their best talent. Aunty ji taught them how its done and now her betas can’t stop.

Hami Hamid: Spreading lies and hate monging is the main weapon of fascism…I mean Sanghis, the brainless.

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