Piers Morgan targets Virendra Sehwag, but is left embarrassed again!


British journalist, Piers Morgan’s criticism of India’s hyped celebration of two Olympic medals earned him an unexpected fame in a country faraway from both UK and the US.

While many Indians agreed with him, one celebrity’s witty reply had the former Dail Mail editor stumped.

Former India cricketer, Virendra Sehwag, had taunted Morgan saying how his country, England, was yet to win a World Cup in ODI cricket despite having invented the game in the first place. India have won the same twice, in 1983 (in England) and 2011 (in India).

Few days later, Morgan once again decided to have a go at Sehwag by offering him a bet of Rs 1 million. The CNN presenter,now based in the US, was soon forced to delete his tweet. That’s perhaps after his realisation that he had got his facts about the history of India’s performance in summer Olympics horribly wrong.

His tweet said, “Hi @virendersehwag, I bet you 1 million rupees to charity that England wins a ODI World Cup before India wins an Olympic Gold. Accept?”

What Morgan didn’t realise while posting the above tweet that India has won just 8 Gold medals in hockey, while Abhinav Bindra won Gold in shooting more recently in Beijing Olympics.

Faced with considerable embarrassment, Morgan soon deleted his tweet and posted a fresh one by tweaking his facts.

His new tweet read, “Hi @virendersehwag, I bet you 1 million rupees to charity that England wins a ODI World Cup before India wins another Olympic Gold. Accept?”

By this time Indian twitteratis were already sharpening their knives to show Morgan his place. Soon, the British journalist was deluged with tweets from his Indian social media ‘friends,’ who began to mock and condemn him for his not-so-flattering views about India.

Here are some examples:



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