How do ordinary Delhiites see Modi-Kejriwal tussle?


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Prime Minister Narendra Modi aren’t the best of friends. They have never been one, particularly after Kejriwal chose to give him grief by contesting against him in Varanasi during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, but nothing changed as far as their personal rivalry is concerned.

Modi became India’s prime minister but couldn’t ensure victory for his party, the BJP, in Delhi, which went to polls in 2015. Delhites gave a historic mandate to Kejriwal, reducing the BJP’s tally to just three.

But, Delhites have suffered even after electing a stable government in the national capital. Kejriwal has accused the Centre’s Modi government of not allowing him to work by first ‘usurping’ the control of the Anti Corruption Branch and then unleashing the might of Delhi Police and the office of Lieutenant Governor against his government.

Both Delhi Police and the LG directly report to Modi government.

So how does an ordinary person view this constant struggle, which has severely affected the governance in Delhi?

A Delhi-based journalist on Thursday wrote on his Facebook page capturing the conversation of two fellow passengers in a shared cab recently.

We are reproduing the post without editing the content or grammer.

This is what he wrote;

We in the media nearly always talk our audiences down. There is little emphasis on being a good communicator. After overhearing the following conversation I am doubly convinced we have a big challenge:

Office to home in a shared Uber cab this evening I eavesdropped on the animated conversation between two co-passengers who were obviously friends
Passenger 1: yaar the government in Delhi is totally absent. Kejriwal now wants Punjab. He is totally missing in action
Passenger 2: Modi govt has taken over all the powers of the state govt. how can he work?
P1: you know why kejriwal ran away the first time when he formed the govt?
P2: He didnt have support from the centre
P1: No. Kejriwal dared to file cases against Reliance Ambani. He took ‘panga’ with the richest man of the country. He got his companies in Delhi investigated. People told him dont take ‘panga’ with Reliance. But he didnt listen to anyone. Then Reliance paid huge money to the Modi govt to get rid of Kejriwal.
P2: How come he has stayed for 1.5 years this time? How did Ambani allow him to win the election a second time?
P1: Arre yaar you are stupid. Dont you know Kejriwal is stubborn. He told Ambani I will contest again and if I get elected I will destroy your business empire. He has been trying. But Modi doesnt allow him to. He has been troubling the Kejri govt because kejri wanted to destroy Reliance
P2: In that case it appears to be a stalemate. Neither side seems to be winning.
P1: There will be a compromise soon. Modi will stop troubling Kejri if he promised not to contest the 2019 lok sabha election from Banaras from where Modi would like to be re-elected