Founder of Narendra Modi Army Brigade arrested for running sex racket, Twitter users trend #NamoSexArmy


Police in Madhya Pradesh have arrested the founder of Narendra Modi Army Brigade, Tinu Jain, for running a sex racket in Gwalior.

According to ABP News, when the cops raided his spa in DB City Township area, Jain himself was found to be in an objectionable state.

This development came to light just days after the BJP supporters cornered Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal over the discovery of sex tape involving his former minister, Sandeep Kumar.

Jain’s Facebook page has his photo with Prime Minister Modi, among others, as his profile image. He has almost 10,000 followers. Ironically, his last status update said in Hindi, ” In whatever way I am standing in front of you, I am not in the business of hiding anything.”

But the latest revelation will show that the PM Modi’s ardent fan allegedly had a lot to hide from everybody.

With the founder of Narendra Modi Army Brigade being found to be running a sex racket in a BJP-ruled state, social media users moved in with lightening speed to embarrass the saffron party and the PM, who’s currently on another foreign tour.

Both Facebook and Twitter users on late Wednesday night were busy targetting the prime minister. On Twitter, the social media users launched a new hashtag #NamoSexArmy, which became a top national trend in no time and remained so for several hours.

Here are some reactions from Facebook:

Jenin John: We shuld worry and discuss about bad sex rackets only ….. this one was a gud sex racket …just for bhakts ….opend by modi ji … so that bhakts stop harassing females on social media …. it was a great initiative by modi ji … #namo_namo

Virat Bhondu: But this will bring FDI, improve liquidity and increase rupee value. #BhaktEconomics

Faizan Chaudhary: that must b a govt approved racket with Governor permission abiding by all formalities and rules (Patanjali condoms).. bt wat abt MLA(Sandeep Kumar) in delhi.. he didnt take permission from LG before doing that.. nd u ppl blame modi fr everythin…

Mohammad Ali Amir: When they are caught they disown them. Till then, they are told to beat but just take care that no bones are broken. Bolo BMKJ.

Sam Raman: TINU is a DISGRACE to peaceful and heloful Jain community. In fact this pig need to be expelled by the Jain Muni’s and leaders.

Reactions from Twitter also included from those AAP supporters, who highlighted the glaring irony of media’s alleged double-standards in covering the sex scandals of non-AAP leaders.

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

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