“So many arrests of AAP MLAs fits into a pattern which I need not explain”


Arrests of two AAPs MLAs on Sunday– one by Delhi Police while other by Punjab Police- have continued to dominate the conversations on social media even on Monday.

Both Amanatullah Khan and Naresh Yadav were sent to police custody for different duration.

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, arrested for allegedly threatening a woman after she visited his residence to raise the issue of power cuts, was today sent to one day’s police custody by a Delhi court.

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 Naresh Yadav was arrested by cops from Punjab, a state governed by AAP’s rival, BJP-SAD combine, on Sunday for allegedly desecrating Quran.

As expected Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, took to Twitter to slam his bete noir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing him of unleashing Delhi Police on harassing his MLAs primarily to avenge the humiliating the defeat in assembly elections last year.

But, there were many neutrals or even Kejriwal’s political adversaries, who detected a tinge of obvious of pattern, often alleged by AAP, in the manner the party’s 11 MLAs have been arrested and released over the last year and half.

Many wondered why supporters of the BJP were never arrested despite there being FIR filed under serious charges of inciting communal violence through deliberate misinformation and crime against women. Many journalists were heard making references to former singer, Abhijeet and Twitter trolls followed by PM Modi.

Punjab goes to polls next year and AAP has mounted a full-blown attack against the ruling BJP-Akali alliance in a bid to dislodge them from government. This, according to many party leaders, is the reason why the police under control of BJP or its allias, just like Delhi, has allegedly begun targetting AAP MLAs.

Here’s how social media conversations went so far on this topic;



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