Is this girl holding Rs 2,000 bundle indeed BJP’s UP chief’s daughter?


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday launched a blistering attack on the Centre’s Narendra Modi government accusing it of having informed his friends in the party and outside before making announcement on demonetisation. The same day, photo of a girl holding a bundle of new Rs 2,000 notes went viral.

This, according to social media users, was a conclusive evidence against the Modi government, which was already being accused of having informed its sympathisers well in advance about its decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Many wondered as to how an ordinary citizen could get hold of new currency in such high volume even before the bank opened for operations on Thursday.

BJP’s supporters on social media came to government’s defence arguing that the girl in the photo was essentially a bank employee while Modi’s detractors quickly pointed out that the objects in the background weren’t of a bank.

Later in the day, a message went viral on Facebook alleging that the girl in the photo was someone called Nalini Maurya and she was the daughter of the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh chief, Keshav Prasad Maurya.


However, Maurya has vehemently denied this link clarifying that he only had two sons. Maurya told Bhaskar newspaper that one of his sons was studying in Delhi while another was a businessman in Allahabad.

Lok Sabha website (below) too says that Maurya has two sons and there is no mention of the BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh’s Phulpur constituency having any daughter.