Demonetisation: Facebook post by Bangalore’s ‘privileged bas***d’ comedian goes viral


A Bangalore-based stand-up comedian posted his brief sarcastic take on demonetisation and how it’s ‘impacting’ him. This has now become a rage on social media.

Ahmed Shariff wrote on his Facebook page, “Good morning, world! My name is Privileged Bastard. I have money, I have food at home, I have bank balance, I have a debit/credit card and Paytm and stuff, I still haven’t shit out breakfast and I’m already ordering lunch online… Basically, I’m all set, I am facing absolutely no problem.

From Shariff’s Facebook page

“Because everything is fine with me so I’ll assume everything is fine with the world. So while my lunch order is on it’s way, I have time to sit and pass comments like, “Hey, poor people! Stop complaining! It is for the greater good.” I mean… mere baap ka kya ja raha hai? I don’t have children starving, I have money and am not missing daily wages by standing in line at the bank, I don’t have any critically-ill relatives in a hospital, I don’t have to worry about my next meal, so if I can afford it, everybody else should. Modiji is great. Masterstroke by Modi. Bharat mata ki jai.”

Shariff’s post has gone viral on Facebook with thousands of users simply copying and pasting it on their respective timelines.

It seems, this post by Shariff wasn’t in isolation. He’s been commenting on demonetisation frequently.

In one of his earlier posts, the artist wrote, “The “greater good” will come. Just like Acche Din. And bullet train. And 15 lakhs. And reduced inflation. And dollar = 40 rupees…”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on the pretext of curbing black money by replacing them with new Rs 500 and even higher denomination currency of Rs 2,000.

The move has sent shock waves across India with at least 55 people having died due to demonetisation related stress.

Banks and ATMs across India have experienced serpentine queues and people have simply not been able to withdraw their own money.

Many allege that the PM’s move was to deflect the attention of serious bribery charges levelled against him in Sahara and Birla diaries, as exclusively reported by Janta Ka Reporter.


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