“Bully on TV who took chamchagiri to new heights with PM interview. Thy name is Arnab!”


Senior journalist Barkha Dutt has launched an all-out attack against Times Now and its editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, for allegedly calling to gag media in India.

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Taking to Facebook, Barkha, a former colleague of Arnab in NDTV, said, “Times Now calls for gagging of media & for journalists to be tried &punished. This man is journalist?I am ashamed to be from same industry as him.”

She added, “What’s striking is his brazen and cowardly hypocrisy. So he drones on and on about Pro Pakistan Doves without one word on the JK alliance agreement that commits the BJP and PDP to talks with Pakistan and Hurriyat and is silent on Modi’s own Pakistan outreach- neither of which I object to- but since Arnab Goswami measures patriotism by such views why is he so silent on the government? Chamchagiri?

“Imagine, a journalist actually exhorts the government to shut down sections of the media, misrepresents them as isi agents and terror sympathisers, calls for them to be tried and acted against.

“And our fraternity remains locked into politically correct and timid silence. Well Im not a shrinking violet Mr. Goswami and no matter how many times you take my name directly or indirectly on your show, I really dont give a toss for your opinion. I hope I will always be someone whose journalism you loathe, because trust me, the feeling is so utterly mutual that it would kill me to be on the same side of any issue as you.”

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Barkha’s all out attack against Arnab, who’s lately earned a notorious reputation of having surrendered editorial freedom to the BJP government, became a topic of intense social media conversation.

While the right-wing users made desperate attempts to come to Arnab’s rescue, Barkha earned plenty of plaudits from sane Twitter users for her response.

Here are some of the reactions;


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