Army denies Indian forces crossed LoC to kill ‘terrorists’


Indian army sources have denied a report claiming that the Indian forces had crossed the LoC to kill 20 Pakistani terrorists.

News portal Quint had claimed that 18-20 soldiers from Indian Army’s elite 2 Para were flown in a military helicopter to carry out an operation across the LoC on the night of 20th September.

The website further added that the information was confirmed by a “military source” and two other “independent sources”.

A senior army officer told that he was not aware of any such operations.

Other sources, according to Times of India, maintained that no such action had been undertaken and the account was incorrect.

It’s not the first time Narendra Modi government has been mocked and condemned for planting fake propoganda in the face of utter embarrassment.

Last year in June, one photo showing around 20 soldiers sitting in front of an army helicopter and posing for the camera was released by news agency ANI via Twitter.

Captions tweeted along with this photo said these soldiers were the ones who had carried out the offensive against militants along the India-Myanmar border killing more than 20 militants.

However, the defence ministry was quick to deny the report Indian troops crossing the border in Myanmar.

The Quint story was widely shared by the pro-BJP government social media users. However, there were many users who detected a hidden propaganda behind the report.

Here are some examples;

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